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Up, Down, Left, Right, A, Start – What is the Appeal of Gaming?

Gaming is one of those things that has been hugely popular since it first came on the scene. And it’s growing in influence and popularity with every passing year. We may even reach a point in the future where we can play games using just our minds, but that’s another conversation! Today we’re going to look at exactly why gaming is so popular. What is it that attracts people to games in general? Not just video games, but the whole concept of playing games.


Maybe one of the biggest appeals of gaming is the immersion factor. You get to lose yourself in someone else’s world for a while. This is a reality that is very different and separate from our own. And people like the escapism that this provides. Getting lost in someone else’s story, even for a short while, is really attractive. Whether you are battling enemies in Far Cry 4 or defending against a horde of orcs in Warhammer, there are stories to explore. Many people like to get away from the pressures of their daily lives for a while, and this allows them to do that.



There is so much choice these days if you want to play any sort of game, and that’s appealing. Franchise games are hugely popular, and a big part of modern fandom. For instance, the Star Wars universe has a huge fan base and a massive gaming culture. There are plenty of board, card and tabletop games that you can click here for more info on. But, there is also a huge range of video games across all kinds of consoles and about lots of different things. To the point where players can even play out their own Star Wars story. Of course, Star Wars is just one example, but it’s a good one to illustrate the appeal of gaming across the board.


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All of us have a competitive streak inside us itching to come out. There are many things you can do to hone this. If you have siblings, you’re likely to be even more competitive. But, games are a way of channelling this competitive streak and fulfilling the need to win. It’s not a bad thing to be competitive because it shows you care. So, many people enjoy playing games because they like to compete, and they like to challenge friends. This universal desire to win and pit ourselves against others has always existed. And gaming is a healthy way of exploring that.


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Channel Aggression

A lot of people have to deal with aggression, and they don’t always do it in the right way. You’ll find that playing games is a good way of channelling aggression. It focuses the mind on other things and allows you to take out your emotions. And this is probably a big reason why it’s so popular with all age groups. See, we are all winners in gaming when it has a positive effect on our health like that. It’s pretty clear from studies that games are a good way of channelling aggression and emotion. And it seems that more people are getting wise to this.

So there we have it. These are some great reasons that explain exactly why people find gaming so appealing. And since the advent of mobile and app gaming, this is increasing even more too.


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