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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Demo Impressions

I love Kingdom Hearts. I think I mentioned this before. I’m a big fan of the series. However, I am not a rhythm game fan. So when Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory was announced…I was excited?! What?! Well, Kingdom Hearts does have great music. Plus its a Kingdom Hearts game that is coming to the Nintendo Switch! A demo has been released now and I’ve played it. What do I think of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory?


Kingdom Hearts has fantastic music, so of course Melody of Memory sounds great. The music in the demo is excellent. But what about the gameplay?

Well. Remember how I mentioned that I wasn’t a rhythm game fan? Yeah. The gameplay in Melody of Memory is…not so good…

Okay this is from the perspective of someone who isn’t a rhythm game fan. Maybe if you love these types of games, you’ll love this.

For me, it just felt very flat. The music is great, the graphics are really good but the gameplay is auto-running and hitting the enemies at the right moment. It doesn’t even appear that you have to hit at beat. Its a very strange game.

The demo only lets you play certain song levels. The full game will have a story and a co-op mode. There will be much more content. The demo, however, did not leave good impression. I wish I had more confidence in this game.

I’d love to support a Kingdom Hearts game on the Switch but the Melody of Memory demo just isn’t very good. At least, not to me. Hopefully other people will like it and the game will do well on the system. I am rooting for the game. I want to see more Kingdom Hearts games on the Nintendo Switch.

If we could get Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 on the Switch, that would be amazing! I wish Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory wasn’t our first Kingdom Hearts on the Switch.

Have you played the Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory demo? What do you think of it?


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