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Immortals Fenyx Rising Thoughts

In the Nintendo Direct Mini yesterday, Immortals Fenyx Rising was shown off again and I thought it continued to look amazing. And then I forgot to mention it in my recap article! What?! Now I’m fixing that! Let’s talk about Immortals Fenyx Rising.

What would happen if Breath of the Wild and Kid Icarus had a baby? It might be that the child would be Immortals Fenyx Rising. There are definitely some big Breath of the Wild and Kid Icarus vibes going on with this game!

In the new footage that we saw, we got a look at the big weapons of the game: Sword, Axe, and bow. Pretty typical weapons but they all looked fun, especially the bow. And the customization for the game was shown off too. It looks pretty wild.

In Immortal Fenyx Rising you can change weapons, armor, and…the color of your horses skin! What?! Whoa. That really surprised and actually delighted me. We do not see that every day for sure.

It wasn’t shown off in this video but previous videos we’ve seen of the game showed off that you’ll be able to fly like Kid Icarus. Like the 3DS version of Kid Icarus but hopefully with better controls. Also the game really rocks the Greek mythology too.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a big open world game with Greek mythology and lots of cool things to find and do. Its so great that Ubisoft is bringing this game to the Nintendo Switch! I hope its a great port. The level to reach is Skyrim level. If we could get a port that good of this game on the Nintendo Switch, well, it’ll be a game we’ll be revisiting for years on this wonderful system.

What do you think of Immortals Fenyx Rising? Will you be getting it on December 3rd?


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