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Gravitrax is Once Again a Holiday Must Own

Over the past few years, GamesReviews has had the pleasure of reviewing a number of different toys from a number of different companies. One stands out much higher than the rest – Gravitrax. Having kids was great because I was able to relive some of the great toys and concepts from my childhood. One of those toys was the marble track – the ones I had as a kid were pretty basic, with large coloured tracks stacking together to make a neat, although sometimes boring creation. While Gravitrax keeps the spirit of the marble track alive, it does so in stunning fashion.


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Simply put, I’m not sure there is a better product on the market right now than Gravitrax. Not only is it fun, but it challenges the mind as well. My oldest son (13) has been in the basement for the past two weeks, assembling and reassembling tracks, trying to create unique opportunities while working to get the marble from the start to the finish.

See, with Gravitrax, it’s not just about tracks taking something from A to B. There are a host of different obstacles and helpful aids that can be interspersed through your build. There are cannons that shoot marbles up slopes, hammers that give rolling marbles more speed, loop-d-loops, lifters, trampolines, and so much more. Opening up a box of Gravitrax is a creative minds dream, and Logan has taken full advantage of all the sets we currently have.

What I like most about the product, however, is not only the quality of the materials, but how it challenges my kids mind. There is always a time and place for mindless fun, and each holiday we get plenty of toys in that area for the kids. But we like them to think too, and to learn while they play. That’s why this year, like the past few years, a brand new set of Gravitrax will be under the tree.

A few years back we did a full review of the base Gravitrax set, which you can see below! For our money though, Gravitrax is a MUST own toy this holiday season, and one we highly recommend!


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