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G FITS Earbuds from Logitech

With the recent launch of the Logitech G Cloud, a number of other products in the G lineup have come out as well. This includes the brand new Logitech G FITS true wireless gaming earbuds. We assume these pair nicely with the cloud gaming handheld, but we currently do not have one. That being said, we tested the G FITS extensivley with both our mobile devices and Nintendo Switch unit, and areĀ  very impressed!


Out of the Box

Once you open up your brand new G FITS, you have quite a few things to get out of the box. The earpieces themselves are nestled in a piece of plastic, well protected. Inside the box you will also find a charge case, USB to USB-C charge cable for the case, and adapters for using your headset bluetooth with various devices.

Capping it all off is instructions manuals and safety information.

Setting it Up

Getting the G FITS setup was a very easy and streamlined process. Like with most earbuds that come with an additional charging case, the earbuds must be in the case when first pairing with a device. After closing the lid shut, open it up again and hold the case button for 3 seconds. On your devices, selected the FITS from the list and your earbuds will be connected to your device.

Logitech G FITS - True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

There are a number of touch controls available onboard the earbuds, a common standard now with high end buds. When using Bluetooth for music, a double tap will Play/Pause whatever you are listening to. When you double tap with Lightspeed, it will mute or unmute your microphone. Switching between Bluetooth and Lightspeed is as easy as tapping three times quickly.

One way the G FITS are differentiating themselves form the competition is that their earbuds are a one-size-fits-most concept via the earbuds Lightform process. This process involves warming up the earbuds and then molding them to the contures of your ear. This system worked really well for me, but I have heard some mixed results from others. While other companies are offering different sized eartips in the box, G FITS has gone a different route. From my perspective, the G FITS were incredibly comfortable over long durations of use, and I had no issues making them work for me. That being said, that is not a guarantee it will work for everyone.

How do they Perform?

Although they don’t support surround sound – a potential killing point for some gamers – the sound from the G FITS is actually really great. I was surprised, although perhaps I shouldn’t be. The custom 10mm drivers do their thing, and produce what I would consider exceptional sound for a pair of gaming earbuds. It’s easily top of the class when compared to other buds I’ve reviewed in the past little while.

Logitech G FITS - True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

The selling feature here for gamers, however, will be the included Lightspeed technology. When using the included dongle on your console or PC, gamers can get a nearly latency free connection. While this might not sound like the biggest deal in the world, your average gamer would probably disagree with you heavily!

Because of the tight fit from the Lightform process, Logitech is boasting passive noise canceling capabilities, and I would say that this claim is mostly true. Again, it will all be dependent on how well the buds form to your ear.

Are they Worth It?

There is a steep price to pay if you want to enjoy the Logitech G FITS, but after using them for a few weeks, I can say they really are a great set of earbuds. There are going to be things that people don’t love – for example, the microphone isn’t as good as other earbuds I’ve used. However, the options for Lightspeed and the Lightform molding process makes this a great product that I think most people will enjoy.


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