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Fire Emblem Warriors Launches Today

Fire Emblem Warriors launches today in North America, and reviews for the game so far have been fairly positive. Many are saying the game has some resemblances to Hyrule Warriors, but of course, with extra spit and polish. GamesReviews will have a review of Fire Emblem Warriors as soon as possible as our code from Nintendo is due to arrive today.

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem Warriors will feature more than 20 playable characters across a length campaign, bring long time series characters like Marth, Lyn, and Corrin back to the big screen, while bringing in new characters such as Lianna and Rowen. For those in the west who want the Japanese voice acting to enhance their experience, a day one free DLC pack is available for download that will bring these features into the game.

Here is more from Pierre-Paul Trepanier, General Manager for Nintendo of Canada:

“Whether you are a super fan of the Fire Emblem franchise, new to the series or played and loved the previously released Hyrule Warriors game, Fire Emblem Warriors offers a fantastic adventure filled with great gameplay. The action-filled game is another solid addition to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS lineups.”

This December, Fire Emblem Warrior fans will be able to jump on the first of three upcoming DLC packs, with the second and third coming in 2018. Each pack will include three new characters, three new history scenarios, new weapons, new costumes, and a whole lot more. Once again, Nintendo is extended the life of their biggest games with outstanding pricing on DLC.

Fire Emblem Warriors is available now at your local retailer, or on the Nintendo eShop for a suggested retail price of 79.99 CAD (59.99 USD).


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