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Finding the perfect games platform for you

With so many different ways to play games, it can be quite daunting and easy to get stuck just playing the same old games in the same old format. Should you ever feel that you would want a different approach and want to try something new for you, there are plenty of varieties to choose from and here are just a few.

Online games

There are many different styles of online games available to be downloaded to play singularly or to actually play online with others, depending on what kind of game you are into, whether it is strategy, adventure, horror, or hidden object. These are generally for the long play, and you can get totally immersed in these games, losing all track of time. These games tend to give the player a total escape from reality and can be very welcome to the over-stressed.


Many people find that the three-of-a-kind or slots, easy put-down games are the best as these can easily be played on a mobile device such as your cell phone when spare time is sparse or in small chunks. Other online games which can be dipped in and out of can also be added to this group and are very much worth trying, such as fishin frenzy the big catch demo. These games do not take up much time and can be very relaxing.

Retro console games

There are always the console games with the retro one still hanging on in there. These take up more room than the one mentioned above as you will have to provide some kind of storage for the games, but if the retro idea floats your boat, there are plenty of collectible games to be found on the second-hand market.

The consoles themselves do not cost much, and most can be obtained with a varying choice of games, though you may find that the best games are sold separately depending on what kind of game you are looking for. Some of these games are for multiplayer, so you can either compete against another member of your household or a friend, or you both get to travel alongside each other and enjoy an adventure as more partners.


With most of the old retro-style consoles, you do have to remember that you will require a special memory card to save any game progress, and these differ from make to make and sometimes from model to model.

Coffee table arcade machines

If you are into the old arcade games, there are now available on the market coffee table arcade machines and other variations. These are great when entertaining as they are generally multiplayer, so you can play against friends as well as being a brilliant conversation piece in the middle of your living room.

There are other styles available for the retro gamer, which will grace most games rooms should you feel that you require more than just a coffee table machine, with games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders, to name just a few.