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Even the Ocean

We’ve seen a lot of Metroidvania’s on the Nintendo Switch but what about a Metroidvania that combines elements of an rpg and a visual novel? Enter Even the Ocean for Nintendo Switch, a hybrid of sorts: one part Metroidvania, one part rpg, and one part visual novel. Is it any good?


Even the Ocean isn’t defined by just one genre. At first glance, its a Metroidvania. And then you see its world map and you think “oh its an rpg” and then you see its cutscenes and you go “oh thats very visual novel-like”. Even combines multiple gernes to craft is unique narrative.

Set in a futuristic world, Even the Ocean features a very interesting story that slowly reveals itself via a semi-open world. The player can go various places in the game, though it can be frustrating that the game will stop you from going into certain areas at times.

When you get the world map and head out, every area is available to visit but the game will be like “oh I can’t go in there yet” and push you out of the area. It would’ve been nice areas to be revealed when needed instead of placed there right away.

The rpg elements in Even the Ocean are pretty neat. Its Metroidvania like gameplay is even neater. The player can jump, use a shield for protection, and solve various puzzles. The “dungeon” exploration in this game is absolutely the best part of the game.

Of course, there are cutscenes in this game too and they are presented in a visual novel sort of style, with static well drawn artwork and some interesting story/dialogue. Even the Ocean is a slow paced game with a leisure place of exploration and puzzles to solve.

Its a very nice looking game too! The pixel artwork and visual novel cutscenes are well done.

Even the Ocean may not be everyone though. Its not your typical Metroidvania, with a story that isn’t clear cut in the beginning and slower pace than what you’d find in Metroid or Castlevania like games. I wish the game gave more direction on where to go and would’ve not have teased you with places that you can’t go yet. A little more help with the puzzles would’ve been nice too.

Even the Ocean is an enjoyable game though. If you are looking for something unique, different, and slower in the Metroidvania/rpg genres, then this might be it for you.

Even the Ocean gets an 8.0 out of 10.

Thank you to Ratalaika Games for providing a digital code for this review. Even the Ocean is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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