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From Earth to Atlantis: A Look at Earth Atlantis for Nintendo Switch

Its been awhile since I’ve played a “side scrolling” shooter. I know the genre is still fairly popular, but I just don’t review these type of games very often. Recently, though, I received a review code for a “side scrolling” shooter called Earth Atlantis (for the Nintendo Switch). In this game, you control an submarine that goes around taking out undersea monsters big and small. I’m not ready to review this game yet but I thought I’d share with you my thoughts so far about Earth Atlantis!


Earth Atlantis is set a future where the Earth is pretty much underwater and sea creatures have become partly mechanical. The story is interesting but there are no cutcenes or anything to expand on it. Instead, the visuals and the gameplay of Earth Atlantis are the game’s focual points.

I remember seeing previews of Earth Altantis and thinking that the game’s visuals were not only unique but also very beautiful . My opinion did not change when playing the game. Earth Atlantis’s black and white “hand drawn” visuals makes it a real standout among “side scrolling” shooters. This is a very good looking game!

Thankfully, the game isn’t just good looking. Earth Atlantis’ actual gameplay is fun and pretty challenging too. You will die a lot in Earth Atlantis but I don’t think that’ll stop you from enjoying this game. Though I really should clear up one thing. I have been calling Earth Atlantis a “side scrolling shooter”, but thats not a totally accurate description of the game.

In Earth Atlantis, you’ll be going up, down, left, and right. Earth Atlantis could almost be called a Metroidvania shooter because you will find yourself exploring the deep ocean and traveling to different areas in search of the giant boss creatures in this game. This sense of exploration makes Earth Atlantis much more interesting than your average shooter.

I like Earth Atlantis a lot so far. I admit that “space shooters” are not all time favorite genre, but they are far from my least favorite genre either. I think shooters can be really fun when done right. Earth Atlantis is a shooter but it also adds in stunning visuals and a sense of exploration that grabbed me from the start. I can’t wait to see what I find in this game next!

I will have a review of Earth Atlantis as soon as possible. Excuse me, I need to get back to saving the world from gigantic sea creatures!


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