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Betting industry & your mobile

Mobile casino applications are affordable, popular, and, most importantly, profitable. That’s why thousands of casinos visited every day opt to keep their goods compliant with iOS and Android.


These days the sports betting industry is a rapidly growing mobile application designing and development segment where there are people worldwide used to betting on sports via these apps. There are multiple segments available in the market from there you can choose what you want to play. From our perspective, the PinUp Casino app is worth mentioning.

PinUp Casino app: review

The success of the PinUp Casino app is based on such factors, including hiring developers and designers, Platform (iOS/Android), Complexity of the app (features and functionality), and more. PinUp Casino is available both on iOS and Android devices (in the form of the APK-file; Android application package).

PinUp: how to install the Android version

PinUp online Casino app is enclosed with a package, it has three or four parts. It is compressed for easy installation. To make the process of unpacking the APK-file easier, a little tip: delegate this to software – you can Install PinUp APK file via Android package installer – It is a piece of software that enables APK packages to be installed on your Android device. Apps for Android are packaged in files with .apk file extensions. A package installer unpacks and installs such packages on your device, effectively installing the app itself.

PinUp: how to start playing

It is very simple to be a part of PinUPp online slots, once you are sure of the site offering the same. There are simple steps available, which you just have to follow. In case you don’t know how to work on the steps, online pros are down there to help you.


Just register your name with the PinUP online casino site and then click on the casino or slot game you want to be a part of. After that, you can just deposit the playing money and then end up with the rules as presented with each game separately.

PinUp Casino: pros & cons

  1. Plenty of casino games are available, including Blackjack, Slots, Poker rooms, Baccarat, Golden Nugget Casino, Roulette, and many others.
  2. License from the Gambling Authority. With PinUp, you gain an additional layer of confidence knowing that PinUp Casino has been vetted by the state or governing board. The games are fair. They’re regulated and tested by the same agencies that oversee land-based casinos
  3. Fast & Smooth payment transactions.
  4. Customer Support availability. Live chats in PinUp casino work 24/7. PinUp Support systems can be also reached via email and international phone calls – check the Contact section on their official website.
  5. Security of payment transactions. The PinUp casino accepts E-wallet payment solutions, such as Skrill, Neteller, or PayPal, or Bitcoin, you do not even need to use your credit or debit card, which minimizes the risk of spending more than you intend to spend, and gives you an extra layer of security because the merchant will not see your card number.

Tips to start gambling in PinUp Casino

  • Practice enough before you start playing against real people for real money.
  • Play with small stakes, don’t start betting big.
  • Observe other players and their reaction times. Observation is key to becoming a pro poker player.
  • Set a certain time in which you will play the games, don’t go overboard. This will keep you from a gambling addiction.
  • Do your research, pick an online real money gaming platform that offers more than just real money — look for rewards, tournaments, etc.