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Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct to Air October 15th

Nintendo announced today that the upcoming Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct will air…next week! We have more details and some thoughts below.


The Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo Direct, focused on Brewster (and more), will air on October 15th at 7am PT (9am central). It will be “roughly 20 minutes of information about the content coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in November.”

We know already that the Direct will introduce Brewster and his coffee shop the Roost to the game. The Roost will be inside of the Museum. Of course, Nintendo won’t just focus on that! They did say “and more”. What could the more be?

Well, we know that there will be new Animal Crossing amiibo cards coming soon. Soon those could be introduced during the Direct. Will these cards introduce new animals to the game?! If the cards like the previous sets, 100 cards each, than the answer is likely yes! I can’t wait to see what new animals we’ll get.

What else could the Direct show? Well, now we get into a bit more speculation! For a long time people have been hoping that Animal Crossing New Horizons would introduce new mini-games and Tortimer’s Island from New Leaf/ Could we see that in this Direct? It seems unlikely but you never know.

My guess is that, along with Brewster and new animals, we’ll see tons of additional items and maybe some changes to Turkey Day and Toy Day. I’d love to see Turkey Day be like it was on City Folk, where you have to find the hidden turkey, but that will never happen.

There is also a rumored Museum Shop for a future update and I think we could see that in this update too.

Honestly, its Nintendo and so its anybody’s guess what the “and more” means. I’m sure we’ll be in for some surprises!

Are you looking forward to the Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct? What do you think will be shown?


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