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A Little Golf Journey more Puzzle than Golf?

I’m a sucker for golf games no matter how they are packaged. Whether it’s mini golf, puzzle golf, Golf Story, or yes, even Mario Golf, if I can swing a club and putt a ball into a hole, I’m there. So obviously, when presented with the opportunity to play A Little Golf Journey, I instantly said yes!


Check out my gameplay of the first two worlds in A Little Golf Journey, on Nintendo Switch:

And A Little Golf Journey does deliver. The open world is presented in typical 2-D over world fashion, with your little golf ball rolling from hole to hole. Within each level, you will be given the opportunity to take short shots or power shots, making your way to the hole where you will ultimately putt the ball in for the win. Each level works on a star system. The more shots you take, the less stars you will receive. Once you’ve taken too many shots and there are no stars left to earn, you ‘lose’ the level.

There is much more than that, though. Each world has a bunch of hidden holes to find, located by finishing puzzles within certain maps. Once you’ve found the hidden hole cube, you will be challenged to quickly hit through the course collecting orbs as you go, or perhaps complete difficult shots. Once you complete those, a separate hidden hole will open up, and once you land the ball in that hole, you will unlock secret levels.

And there are 400 stars to earn across a variety of unique worlds, so your time in A Little Golf Journey won’t be….little. It will actually be a lot, making the game a steal! If you enjoy relaxing, easy to understand mechanics, coupled with a fantastic soundtrack (available now on Spotify), A Little Golf Journey will be the title for you!



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