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Tons of New Star Wars: Shatterpoint Content Coming from Atomic Mass Games

On Friday, Atomic Mass Games dropped a ton of news about new content coming to Star Wars Shatterpoint during a livestream. There was a lot to digest, and while we won’t break down absolutely everything that was shown off in written details, here is a picture gallery for you to enjoy, as well as some of my comments!

Luke and Leia

Star War’s isn’t Star Wars without Luke and Leia, so to see them coming to Star Wars: Shatterpoint is amazing. I think a lot of people were wondering where the team at Atomic Mass Games would go with the character selection after the first sets heavily favoured the Clone Wars show, but it looks like all bets are off and absolutely anything could be coming. There are a number of great sets, but this is one I’m really excited about!


Can’t Forget Chewbacca and Han Solo!

If we are getting a Luke and Leia, we most definitely need a Chewy and Han pack! It is cool to see Chewy as the main character here, with Han playing a secondary role. I think this is probably done on purpose so you can mix and match. It will allow players to have unique combinations of Luke, Leia, and Has if they choose, which wouldn’t have been possible if all three were Primary units!



I’m excited for every Star Wars: Shatterpoint release, and we have been building, painting, and reviewing them all. While I loved Padma, I’ve always wondered how she and her hand-maidens would work in this game. I was pleasantly (and perhaps sheepishly) happy when I saw how cool her character was, and how it would change my startegy in Shatterpoint when playing with her. I think the same will be said of the Ewok’s. Let’s be honest, while they might be the cutest (second cutest after Grogu?) characters in the galaxy, they are not known for their prowess in, well, anything. Perhaps outside building cool treehouse villages! It will be interesting to see how these characters play once on the table. At this point, the cards we’ve seen look promising!


Mandalorian Time!

I just recently finished watching Season 3 of The Mandalorian, and I’m in love with that story and the characters. To see two packs coming from this show is amazing, and I cannot wait to get Mando and Moth Gideon to the table for some epic fun. With the already available Mandalorians to choose from as support characters, I think you could have a really interesting skirmish with what is coming in 2024. I hope, like with the Ewok’s, we might get new terrain to fit these releases!

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More Vader

I absolutely love playing with the current Vader character in Star Wars: Shatterpoint, and I’m looking forward to getting a set of Storm Troopers along with a brand new Vader character. Having multiple of specific characters doesn’t bother me like it does other people. Honestly, for those not willing to put down the money for the Vader-Obi Wan pack (which was for too expensive) it’s awesome to see Vader being offered in another way. And in reality, I’m sure we are not too far off Atomic Mass Games offering up just the cards for specific characters so, if you don’t own multiple of the figures, you can at least use one figure multiple ways.


Miss Out on Ahsoka, Padawan No More?

I know a ton of people missed out on the Ahsoka launch day promo figure, but now it will be available in a pack with Jedia Master Plo Koon – more force users with lightsabers to brighten up the map? Yes please! I’m excited to play with this, and it looks like Plo Koon will work really well with Primary Obi-Wan! Time will tell!


So excited for New Scenerios!

Again, I might be in the minority when I say I’m not that bothered only having one set of missions available to play. That being said, I’m also very happy to be getting some variety in the new year, and it seems they are promising some pretty interesting gameplay scenerios. Shatterpoint is quickly becoming one of my favourite games to play right now, and 2024 is looking amazing!



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