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More Thoughts From Me #34: More Reasons To Streetpass?

One of the biggest surprises out of the recent 3DS Nintendo Direct was that there would be some new streetpass games. I admit that after Nintendo did the initial batch of new games, I thought we’d never see anymore. So I was surprised that more were revealed and that they were coming out the day of the Direct! And you could get one of the games free too. I have two 3DS systems, so I was able to pick up both of the games on each of my systems. I also managed to buy a third game on one system! Here are my impressions of the new streetpass games that I played.


Nintendo let you pick whether you wanted Slot Cars or Market Crash. Since I have two 3DS systems: a regular 3DS and a New 3DS, I picked both. I also bought a second game for my New 3DS: Mii Trek! Here are my thoughts on the game’s so far.

If you can only get one free streetpass game, it should be Slot Cars. This game can be a little challenging, but also its fun to race the Slot cars and see if you can unlock new cars and new tracks. The controls of the game are simple to learn, but very hard to master. You will probably be crashing a lot unless you are just super good at timing things right. I have been crashing so much. I still like the game though and I’m glad I got it for my New 3DS (plus it was free!!).

Market Crash, however, isn’t a very good game. Its pretty simple to buy and sell stocks, but its not that much fun. Of course, it could be that I’m just not very good at it and that’s why I don’t like it. I’m sure that’s part of the reason. But Market Crash just doesn’t have the coolness or the fun factor of Slot Cars to me. Like I said before, if you can only pick one game then you should go with Slot Cars!

Though, if you can buy a second game, you should definitely think about Mii Trek. No, Mii Trek isn’t set in space on the Starship Nintendo. Man, that would have been cool. Mii Trek is set instead in a jungle (at least this first area is) where you take Mii’s on a trek to find treasure and other things. I like how the game lets you choose the paths to go and also adds further interaction by letting you take pictures at certain moments and shoot darts at bad animals. Mii Trek is fun and the more people you streetpass, the further you’ll get in this game. So if you don’t run into too many people via street pass, than maybe this isn’t the game for you. You can hire some cats or dogs via play coins, but definitely Mii’s treking along is more fun. I get a lot of streetpass every day from my parents, so I have definitely been enjoying this game!

I am having fun with Slot Cars and Mii Trek, but I do regret getting Market Crash. Well, at least the game didn’t cost me money! I think it was great of Nintendo to offer you a choice of a free game (get Slot Cars!). The other new streetpass games look odd, though I have to admit I wouldn’t mind getting to play the one where a Miis get shot from a cannon. I’m not sure about the food one. Overall, I think these new streetpass games are cool and I’m glad Nintendo did them. I think Slot Cars and Mii Trek are good reasons to keep on street passing.

Have you played any of the new Streetpass games? Which one is your favorite so far?

Next week: Some Dragon Quest 7 impressions! I get the game this week and so next week I’ll write about it. What do I think of Dragon Quest 7 so far? Come back next week and find out!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I’m a big fan of the 3DS streetpass feature. I’m very excited about how Dragon Quest 7 is using it. Hopefully, I’ll have some thoughts on that next week.


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