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The Problem with Dead by Daylight

There have been many horror games that have captured the attention of the gaming community since the industry’s inception. Two notable entries include the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series, which are established names in the industry.


However, another game has come along in recent years that has dominated the horror genre scene since its release in 2016. This is, of course, Dead by Daylight, which is an asymmetrical, multiplayer survival game. Those who already play will agree that the game is one of the most unique experiences they have ever been part of it, and this is supported by the fact that there is virtually no rival for the IP. However, the community will also agree that it has its problems too.

For a few years after Dead by Daylight came out, it was met with positive reception from virtually everywhere. The premise of the game had not really been seen before, though people immediately likened it to Friday the 13th.

This is a poor comparison though, as the gameplay in both games is majorly different. In Friday the 13th, many survivors are tasked with escaping or killing Jason. This is carried out on a big map, but the catch is that Jason can kill any survivor with his powers when he finds them. On the other hand, Dead by Daylight only supports four survivors, making the gameplay feel more team-oriented.

When a player gets hooked in Dead by Daylight, others must save them, and players are naturally incentivized to work together. It soon became apparent that more people preferred the gameplay loop in Dead by Daylight more than Friday the 13th, and the latter’s throne was soon usurped.

However, in recent years, there has been a noticeable drop in quality when it comes to Dead by Daylight. The game was developed by Behaviour, who has taken most of the aggravation from fans of late regarding the state of the game.

It is clear that the game has grown considerably, and many fans have feared that Behaviour is letting the increased revenue and popularity the game is experiencing go to their heads. This is because there are always issues with the game that comes in the form of bugs, bugs, and more bugs. In fact, it has become something of a meme in the community to wonder what part of the game will break next due to an upcoming update.


The abundance of bugs is understandable given Behaviour is a relatively new studio in the industry. They would have even been fine if they were dealt with promptly too, but this is where the crux of the problem lies. Behaviour are notoriously slow to fix anything in their game, which leads to endless frustration from the fans.

Some posit that this is because they know their game is the only game of its kind, which means that they can take liberties regarding the speed at which they fix issues within the game. This idea may cause some fans to abandon the series, who could participate in other activities like betting online, this BetRivers Indiana app review gives a great option, though it is unlikely that the Dead by Daylight faithful can ever be jostled from the game.

It is painfully clear that Dead by Daylight is a game loved by fans around the world. Unfortunately for them, it is unlikely that Behaviour will ever change its ways until a clear rival enters the scene that could challenge for Dead by Daylight’s player base. This competition would ultimately be beneficial, as it will spur Behaviour into action.