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Super Sunny Island

Super Sunny Island is a 2D platformer for the Xbox Series S. Its retro graphics and gameplay harken back to a simpler age. Is this a game you should check out or give a pass? Here is our review of Super Sunny Island for the Xbox Series!


Super Sunny Island is a 2D platformer where you play as a penguin named Sunny. The story has Sunny decide to go to a new island just as some no-good villains are going there too. So Sunny, armed with his watergun, has to save the island! Its not a great story but it does its job and gets Sunny to the island. After that, you choose which levels you want to play.

The levels in Super Sunny Island are presented as rooms. You can pick whatever you room you want to go into first. The goal of each stage is to collect three keys to open a treasure chest and collect a gem. If you get enough gems, you can move to the boss stage and then move onto the next set of levels.

Super Sunny Island starts off as a really easy game. Don’t let that fool you though. The game gets harder once you get through the initial set of stages. Faster enemies and more obstacles are presented to make the game more challenging. Its still not on the level of older harder platformers but it does present some challenge.


As for its graphics, Super Sunny Island looks like a retro 2Dg platformer. Just like the gameplay, the graphics start off as pretty simple but as you progress the levels get better looking. This isn’t an NES or SNES style platformer but it will feel nostalgic.

Overall, if you liked older 2D platformers, then you will likely enjoy Super Sunny Island. It might feel like a simple very easy game at first, but if you give it time, you find challenge and some cute fun.

Super Sunny Island gets a 7.0 out of 10.

A digital code was provided for this review. Super Sunny Island is now available for the Xbox Series S!


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