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Super Geek Box – August 2016

Super Geek Box is a box full of goodies, and this month was no different. In fact, the company required more tape on the box than usual just to keep all the contents inside. This months theme was Colossal, and featured some of the big boys from video games and pop culture. Lets get into this months (outstanding) box!


Donkey Kong Plush


The best part about getting plushes from Super Geek Box is that they are always quality products. This officially licensed Super Mario product is outstanding. The quality in the stitching is great, it is super soft, and makes the perfect addition to my shelf of video game plushies.

These are the items I wish Super Geek Box included more often; some boxes are iconic because they always include a super cool pin, or have a vinyl in every box. This could be Super Geek Boxes thing. It’s a fairly expensive item to buy on its own, and its a pleasant surprise whenever it is in the box!

Baymax Sleep Mask


I don’t ever use sleep masks because, frankly, I could sleep through almost anything. However, my wife thought this was a really cool item. She uses these sleep masks from time to time, but they are always generic, plain coloured ones. She loves the film, loves Baymax, and ultimately loves this item. It’s an inexpensive item, but a unique one none-the-less. Good job Super Geek Box!

Hulk Socks

I love getting socks in these subscription boxes. I have to wear suites enough times in any given week and it is nice to compliment them with a pair of crazy socks. Not every pair of socks I received gets worn – see the Kill Bill socks from another subscription box this month – but these are definitely something I will be wearing.

Just Do It Later Snorlax Shirt


It seems that every month, when Super Geek Box arrives, I comment on how extraordinary the shirt is. And looking back on past reviews, I’ve actually said multiple times, “This is one of the best shirts I have ever received.” Although I hate soundling like a broken record, I think I need to make that assertion again this month.

The Snorlax / Nike crossover t-shirt is not only great to look at – I love that blue! – but the laziness of Snorlax and the activeness of Nike make it a great mashup. To whomever designed that, kudos to you!

Filler Items: Pin, Button, Print

We say this every month. Except two or three great items, and a bunch of smaller, filler items. This months filler items are not great, but they are far from terrible. The best of the three is the Mega Mushroom Super Mario pin. It looks great, but is a bit big for my liking. The Bowser-Godzilla print is interesting to look at, but because of all the folds and creases, it is unlikely I’ll ever put this up on my walls.


Overall, this months box is – again – above average. The value of the items easily makes the box worth it. In fact, had this box only shipped with the t-shirt and Donkey Kong plush, it would still be worth it.

That is the mark of a good box, so good job Super Geek Box! You have wow’d me again. You can get your own Super Geek Box by going to¬† You will definitely save a few dollars, and we will make a few. If you do this, we thank you for supporting the website!


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