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Starfield First Impressions

Starfield finally came out on Tuesday night for those who didn’t get early access to it. I started playing it then and now have some thoughts on it. Here are my first impressions of Starfield for the Xbox Series S!

On Tuesday night, I finally got to play Starfield. I only played for about an hour. Then the next day I played it a bit more and then on Thursday I played it even more. And now I can finally share with you my first impressions of Starfield for the Xbox Series S.

Yes, I’m playing Starfield on the smaller Xbox via gamepass. I pre-downloaded the game on Monday and was already for it when it released on Tuesday. I’ll try not to give away any spoilers but if you haven’t played Starfield yet and don’t want to know anything at all, you probably shouldn’t read these impressions.

So how is Starfield? Well so far, its a pretty good game. It runs very well on the Xbox Series S too.

Starfield feels like Fallout in space. The game has the typical multiple dialogue choices of a Bethesda game, along with the huge inventory and being able to pick up just about anything you want. I haven’t picked up too much so I haven’t seen the over incombered warning yet. I mostly pick up weapons and health packs and some occasional plants and such. Starfield feels very much like we’ve gotten use to with Bethesda games, just a lot bigger.

There is so much to do in Starfield. This game is huge. You can pretty much go where you want after you get through the initial story introduction. The story is interesting and mysterious so far. I like it! I think the story is really what will set Starfield apart from other Bethesda games in the end. The gameplay is definitely very Bethesda, as noted, but the storyline seems unique and a bit different. We’ll see.

I do like traveling in space, though the spaceship controls take a bit of getting use to. Docking with space stations is easy once you know what to do but can seem tricky at first. I think the fast travel is this game is great and it works well. Though I do wish it was easier to access the space map with the press of one button instead of two or more.

Also, the menu layout isn’t great. A simpler, easier to navigate menu would’ve been nice. Ah well. One more thing I’d like to mention that I do like is your robot companion. He’s pretty cool and he’ll actually say your name aloud. Fully voiced! Wow. Overall, other than some nitpicks here or there, Starfield has been a lot of fun so far.

But is it Game of the year? Its a bit too early for me to say for sure, but at this moment I would say no. Its a good game, but it isn’t anything out of the ordinary from what we’ve seen before. Maybe after I complete the game’s story, I’ll feel different. Just going by what gameplay I’ve experienced and the story so far, I’d say if you like Bethesda games, you’ll want to check this one out too.

I’ll definitely write about Starfield again after I’ve experienced more of it. That could be awhile. This is such a huge game! Please stay tuned to for more on Starfield.


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