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Solving a Point & Click Murder: A Look At Thimbleweed Park for Nintendo Switch

I’m pretty sure I mentioned my love for old school PC Adventure games here on before. If I haven’t, well, I just did. I loved playing games like Space Quest and King’s Quest on PC. I also really dug the NES adventure games like Deju Vu, Shadowgate, and the Uninvited. In more recent history, I thought Tales of Monkey Island was great on the Wii. So when I heard about a new point and click adventure from the maker of Monkey Island and Manic Mansion, I really wanted to review it! I got a review copy of the adventure game, Thimbleweed Park, yesterday. What do I think of the game so far? Let’s find out!


Thimbleweed Park is really funny game. The dialogue in this game is sarcastic, silly, goofy, third wall breaking, and actually a bit naughty too. You would not want to let a little kid play this game, mostly because of the cursing clown!

Thats right, Thimbleweed Park has a cursing clown. The most of the curses are bleeped out but if you know your curse words, you can tell what he’s saying. Well, most of the time anyway. There was that one part with a lot of curse words…

But don’t let the cursing clown keep you away from this weird game! And if the cursing clown didn’t give things away, let me confirm for you that this game is weird. It could be because of the signals. You’ll get that joke when you actually play this game.

Although I haven’t played much of Thimbleweed Park yet, I do think that if you love adventure games, you shouldn’t give this game a pass of Nintendo Switch. Is it perfect? No, I did encounter some issues and I’ll talk about those now.

When I played Thimbleweed Park on the TV screen, some of the dialogue choices were cut-off and I couldn’t see them. I tried to change my TV settings but that didn’t help. Thimbleweed Park is definitly a game you’ll want to play in handheld mode.

Another reason you’ll want to play this game in handheld mode is the touch screen gameplay. Using the touch screen with this game makes it feel like an old school adventure game. I did find choosing the dialogue choices with the touch screen a bit, well, touchy but otherwise the touch screen controls are not bad and I prefer playing the game that way mostly.

I sometimes use the analog cursor to choose dialogue and sometimes for moving around too. It seems more accurate for both. I love using the touch screen to navigate the interaction menu and use it to do different things in the game. Using a combination of the analog stick and the touch screen works best so far.

Overall, I’m enjoying Thimbleweed Park a lot so far. This game is strange and its funny. The plot is going somewhere…at least I think its going somewhere. Hopefully I’ll know by the time I do the review for this game.

Please stay tuned to Thimbleweed Par…I mean for more on this game and hopefully other Nintendo Switch Adventure games in the future!



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