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Samurai Warriors 5 is More of the Same (and this is good)!

I’ve recently been playing around with Samurai Warriors 5 on Nintendo Switch, and while I’m not one with a lot of experience playing Warriors games – my time has been limited to Fire Emblem Warriors and Hyrule Warriors – it was a great experience, albeit a daunting one. That being said, the presentation of Samurai Warriors 5 is an improvement on past iterations in the system, providing a brand new visual look that I really enjoyed.


If you’ve played Samurai Warriors or Dynasty Warriors before, you know exactly what to expect. Skill trees for your favourite characters, weapons that can be upgraded, special moves, and so much more. The Warriors gameplay loop hasn’t really changed year-over-year, but small changes with each release keeps somewhat new. This includes extra moves, and so much more. Again, as a new players to Samurai Warriors, everything felt new to me, but others have said this time and time again.

But where the game really shines, in my opinion, is the ability to tell a fantastic story with some great Japanese voice acting and a beautiful, storybook like look. While it’s not the best looking game I’ve played on console, it still looks incredibly sharp, even on Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. For someone with very little knowledge of the Warriors franchises, it appears as if this entry is an ideal entry for someone new to the series, doing a great job slowly rolling out features that you’ll need to use throughout the game. This might be a deterrent for longtime fans, as the first few hours could be incredibly boring.

Ultimately, though, there’s little to not like about blowing through hundreds of enemies with over-the-top moves that are sure to no disappoint. And with a wide collection of characters to play as (at least further into the story and in citadel mode), there is a good collection of characters with unique moves, weapons, and more. If you’ve never played a Warriors game, or your experience has been limited to the Nintendo cross over titles, Samurai Warriors 5 is likely a great place to start.

Not only will it take you through some of Japan’s greatest battles – both real and fictional I believe – but it does it through excellent story telling, visuals, and audio. It’s a top notch experience you won’t want to miss out on!



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