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Psychic Readings Vs. Tarot Readings – What’s The Difference?

You probably are like most people who are confused between Tarot readings and Psychic Readings. While the two terminologies are used interchangeably, they are different in meaning and practice.

Therefore, in today’s detailed guide, you will distinguish between the two and know how they fit in the whole world of life’s interpretation.


Psychic Reading and Tarot Readings Definition

As stated initially, the two terminologies are used interchangeably but have different meanings. Tarot readings are a form of cartomancy where readers find answers to a client’s questions by analyzing a deck of tarot cards through spiritual insight.

For instance, you select three cards randomly, and the reader interprets the meaning of the cards to you. In contrast, psychic readings are sessions undertaken by psychics who use advanced intuition to gain an in-depth insight into an individual’s life but do not use interpretation tools such as tarot cards.

Some of the sites where you can get professional and excellent tarot and accurate psychic readings about your marriage, relationships, career, and finances include Kasamba, Purple Garden, Keen Psychics, and Psychic Sources.

Reading Expertise

Though both sets of readings require a professional and experienced reader, tarot card readings can also be done via automated readings sites.

Some sites offer automated tarot readings where you can log into a website, select the cards randomly, and have them interpreted automatically.

However, psychic readings will require an expert who will engage with the divinity powers to make a detailed interpretation. Kasamba offers excellent tarot reading online services to help you understand the aspects of your life.

Vary in Flexibility

Tarot and psychic readings vary in terms of flexibility. Unlike psychic readings that require clients to make advanced bookings, online tarot readings can offer time flexibility.

For instance, if you want a psychic reading that requires you to attend the session physically, you must plan with the psychic reader in advance. In most cases, you will work with the timelines given by the reader.

On the other hand, tarot readings have flexibility. You have the option to go physically to the tarot reader or go online and subscribe to the tarot card services and have the cards interpreted at your convenient time.


When it comes to psychic readings, confidentiality is paramount. Tarot readings offer physical secrecy as opposed to psychic readings. In most cases, psychic reading sessions will require you to delve much information about your life, making it a risky affair since you are unsure who you are dealing with, especially when using illegitimate reading sites.

However, with a tarot card reading, in most cases, the reader will interpret the cards you have chosen based on their understanding, and you will not have to share much of your life problems. It is much safer when you rely on tarot readings that are automated. The only downside is that some automated tarot sites cannot give accurate readings.

In-depth Analysis

When it comes to readings interpretations, psychic readings offer in-depth analysis compared to tarot readings. Since they use divinity powers, a psychic reader is better placed to interpret your life much better.

Moreover, the sessions with a psychic reader are open as you have the chance to ask questions. On the other hand, tarot readings offer little to no opportunity for questions. That means that once you get your tarot card interpretation, you will not ask any clarification questions, especially if you feel certain aspects need in-depth clarification.

If you happen to use automated tarot card readings, you will have chances that you will not get a satisfying and accurate reading of your life issues.

Service Cost Affordability

Compared to psychic readings tarot card readings are more affordable when compared in terms of overall costs. Automated tarot card readings will cost you zero money as you will only need to log in and select your cards, and the interpretation is made within seconds.

The cost will also be minimal for online readings through the website, depending on the site you visit. For instance, Psychic Source will charge you as low as $0.66 per minute for phone tarot readings. However, the cost of service will be high if you opt for face-to-face readings.

In-person psychic readings, for instance, will require you to make travel and accommodation arrangements on top of the service cost you will pay. That means that you will end up spending much more. In that case, online tarot and psychic readings become less costly and convenient. The price you will be charged will also depend on the type of reader you will get. Some will charge exorbitant fees while others will charge less costly.


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