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Performance Design Products Has Something for Everyone

While Performance Design Products does have various items available for Xbox and PlayStation, the company really shines when it comes to accessories for the Nintendo Switch. And they’ve always gone above and beyond, and fortunately myself and GamesReviews have been part of the entire journey. This even goes back to before the Switch, when the company released a fantastic lineup of amiibo storage solutions. Since then, PDP has focused on a few key items that are popular with fans, and have created multiple iterations of said products.

The latest lineup of Animal Crossing themed items is a good place to start. Just last week, PDP sent over an epic box of items that included controllers, headsets, cases, and even a few things we cannot talk about yet! The box we received was definitely themed around a few franchises: Mario, Zelda, and our personal favourite, Animal Crossing. We have so much to still post about these amazing products, but let’s stick to the Animal Crossing themed items here.

First up is an outstanding Rock Candy wired controller featuring Timmy and Tommy Nook. Simple, affordable yet stylized in the Animal Crossing assthetic, this see through green controller is a great addition to anyones collection of Animal Crossing Accessories.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Remember when Nintendo launched a unique Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch unit alongside the game? Remember how sought after the soft green and tan colour scheme was? PDP took their premiere Switch headset and matched the colours to that console, and it looks phenomenal. Despite there being nothing about Animal Crossing on the headset itself, I – and everyone else who saw the headset – instantly made a connection to the previously launched Nintendo Switch. Another home run.


But it was the Pull-N-Go case featuring the iconic Animal Crossing leaf and everyone’s favourite Tycoon, Tom Nook, that had me going crazy! First off, I’m a huge fan of the Pull-N-Go case from PDP. We attempt to keep as much clutter away from our home entertainment unit as possible, so it’s visually appealing when guests come over. It’s so easy to grab the dock and cable and place them in the bottom of the Pull-N-Go case, lay the Switch in the top section, and off we go. This design is slightly different than the Elite model we looked at earlier, using magnets to hold the upper case to the lower case, as opposed to Velcro. While we feel there are both positive and negative trade offs to this approach, the overall product is still one we highly recommend.

As someone who moves their Switch around the house from TV to TV (trying to find that quiet gaming corner), the Pull-N-Go case has been a lifesaver, and now that I own an Animal Crossing one, things are even better!

But Nintendo doesn’t just have Animal Crossing – they have Mario and Zelda as well, and a host of other awesome characters and franchises. You can find out more by visiting their website!



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