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Paper Mario: Color Splash – A Splash of Mystery (Video)

Paper Mario: Color Splash is almost here! In early October, the game comes out. The last trailer showed a lot of new things. Nintendo released another trailer today! Does the trailer reveal anything new? My thoughts and the trailer are included below.


Paper Mario Color Splash will be arriving for the Wii U in October! Nintendo released a new video for Paper Mario: Color Splash today. Check out the trailer and come back for some thoughts from me.

The new trailer for Paper Mario: Color Splash isn’t as long as the previous trailer, but it does show a few new things. I especially like the various effects of things unfolding (the pipe!) and the graphics on this game continue to amaze me! The part at the end with the bucket of paint was very cool too. I think the last trailer was much more impressive overall though. Still, this trailer is worth a look to catch some of the new bits that are revealed.

Will you be buying Paper Mario: Color Splash next month? Also: what is your favorite part of this new trailer?



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