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Nintendo Switch Online – Overview Trailer

We got some new information about the Nintendo Switch online service during the Nintendo Direct today. Check out the overview trailer below and then some thoughts from me on the service.

I liked the Nintendo Switch online service overview for the most. I didn’t like the bit about the smartphone app (who does?!) but the rest looked great.

What excited me the most was the tease of third party games NES games coming to Switch online!

Double Dragon, Ghost N’Goblins and more were teased as games that are coming as free for people who have Nintendo’s online service. Thats a pretty big deal because we originally thought that only Nintendo games were coming to the service. It looks like Nintendo Online will have the virtual console service that we’ve all wanted to see on the Switch! Plus online features for the games.

Cloud saving and online play are great features for the online service too.

In the end, if you have a Nintendo Switch, you’ll want this online service. Its only going to be $20 a year. Come on. You know you want it!

Nintendo Switch Online comes out on September 18th!



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