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Nintendo Presentation At Gamestop Expo This Week?

The Gamestop Expo is this week. Nintendo will be at the event and there should be a presentation from them. Some new snapchat pictures from last year’s Nintendo World Championship host Kevin Pereira seem to be teasing something from Nintendo. We have the pictures below and speculation on my part as to what might be revealed!


What will Nintendo show at the Gamestop Expo? My guess is that it won’t be the NX. Nintendo will likely show off a lot of the games that were recently revealed during the 3DS Direct, plus Paper Mario Color Splash and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I’m sure many will be thinking about the NX, but I think Nintendo will reveal that in an upcoming Nintendo Direct. Yes, the Gamestop Expo would be an interesting choice and a good time to reveal the system! It just seems very unlikely though.

So am I saying we should expect no major reveals? Basically yes, but then again, this is Nintendo and they like to surprise. They may show off something new. Personally, I’d love to see a Wii U game or two revealed. But I do know that is even more unlikely then them showing off the NX!

Here’s another picture from Kevin Pereira (see the other one above):


What do you think Nintendo will show at the Gamestop Expo? Give us your wildest guesses. And no, NX isn’t your wildest guess!

Source: Nintendo Everything


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