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Nintendo Issues Take Down For Over 500 Fan Games

Nintendo has issued a take down notice for over 500 games on the GameJolt website, claiming that these games infringe on Nintendo copyright. Many of these games have lived for a long time on the website, and most are fan created masterpieces. However, this take down notice likely coincides with the new announcements recently from Nintendo.


Games on the GameJolt website – according to Nintendo – infringe on copyright material from Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon. When looking at what games are offered, however, many other Nintendo properties appear in several games, including Metroid.

Some have argued that these games are free to play, and therefore, should not be taken down as there is no monetary value from them. However, Nintendo has claimed that GameJolt is getting advertising funds when games are loading.

This is another major Take Down notice handed out by Nintendo. The last was to the creator of Pokemon Uranium, who’s incredibly realistic Pokemon rip off game was taken down last month.


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