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New Pokemon Trailer Shows Off So Much

We are still a few months out from Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, but Nintendo is continuing to build hype for their latest Pokemon game by releasing short videos every few weeks detailing something new. Today’s video was packed with new stuff, so lets take a look at a few things.


In Game Clock: In many of the past Pokemon titles, the in game clocks have synced with your 3DS clock, meaning you could play during the day, during the day, and at night, during…well…night. That is changing with Sun and Moon. The clocks will be offset form each other by 12 hours, which means different experiences at different times. This feature wasn’t explained heavily in the video, so expect more details on this at a later date.

Alola Raticate: If you thought the original Raticate was ugly, wait until you see the Aloloa form. Although this tropical rat looks way worse than the original, I like the idea of making Pokemon that have evolved because of where they live. It will make playing Sun and Moon much more interesting, and collecting some of these Pokemon will feel fresh.

Pokemon Snap? If you loved Pokemon Snap on the N64 – or virtual console, as it was recently released on WiiU – you will like the new photography mode in Sun and Moon. It appears as if pictures you take can be posted online; unlike other RPG’s where enemies appear on the screen and you run into them, Pokemon has always been random. I wonder if – somehow – using the camera will allow you to see where a specific Pokemon is on the map. I doubt it – because how stupid would that be – but it is possible.

You will be able to upload your Pokemon pictures online for others to like and comment on. While this feature seems nice, I think it will die pretty quickly. There is enough to do in a Pokemon game already, and this feature really isn’t needed.

There is a lot more in this trailer, including new collectibles and details on your allies an enemies. For the full trailer, see the video below.


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