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More Thoughts From Me Special Edition: Wow! What A Great Direct!

Today, Nintendo had an all-new Direct. And it…was AMAZING. I talk about what I liked so much about today’s Nintendo Direct below.

Today was Nintendo Direct Day. I was prepared for disappointment. As it turned out…I was not disappointed (for the most part). Nintendo delivered the best Direct is a long time in my opinion.

What was so great about it?

Well, first of all: Nintendo announced not one but TWO additional videos to be premiere in October: The final Smash Bros Ultimate reveal AND my favorite…an Animal Crossing Direct!

We found out that Brewster and the Roost are coming back in the next update. It also said Brewster + more! Whoa. What else could they reveal? We will see more details in October (AC Direct) with the update coming in November.


Thats not all though. Nintendo showed off some new games too, including an awesome new Kirby game, Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It looked amazing. Fantastic even. The new game features Kirby in a post apocalyptic style city. It looks like a 2.5D style game. Its the most 3D we’ve seen Kirby in awhile. The game is coming out in Spring 2022.

Splatoon 3 was shown too and it looked good. We also got plenty of third party games like the Castlevania Advance Collection (out today) and an Actraiser remake (Whoa).

Plus another favorite moment for me…I actually screamed OH MY GOD, it was when Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was revealed to coming to the Nintendo Switch. Yes, the orignal KOTOR will be making its way to the Switch in November. I couldn’t believe this. I had been hoping for it.


And of course we got the reveal that yes Nintendo is going to add more games to the Nintendo Switch Online Service. They will be adding Nintendo 64 games and the big surprise: Sega Genesis games. Wow. But also guess what? These games will be under a new pricing plan. Nintendo did not reveal how much more this “expansion pack” will be. I hope it doesn’t cost too much more though. I really want to play these games! It was a pretty cool announcement.

Though, I have to admit that not everything about the Direct was awesome. I was hoping that we’d see a Metroid Dread demo and that didn’t happen. Instead we are getting a demo for a card based rpg from Square Enix. Hmm. I’m not sure how I feel about the game yet. Also there was Chocobo Racing too. Square Enix did show off Triangle Strategy too…which I guess is keeping the same name. Odd. So yes, the Square Enix showing wasn’t that great.

The rest of the Direct though? Wow. It was pretty great.

And for those of you who wanted to see Bayonetta 3…you got your wish! The game is coming out in 2022.

Overall, I liked this Nintendo Direct a lot. Wow.

I can’t wait to see that Animal Crossing Direct next month too.

What did you think of this Nintendo Direct? What was your favorite announcement?


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