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More Thoughts From Me: Addicted to Ooblets

I love Animal Crossing. I’m addicted to the franchise. And yet…there’s a game that I’ve been playing more than AC lately. I got the game on Friday for the Nintendo Switch and I can’t stop playing it. The game is called Ooblets! Let’s talk about this addictive sim.


I can’t stop playing Ooblets. Even as I write this and even as I do other things, I’m always thinking about Ooblets.

So what is this game that has me so addicted?

Ooblets is a sim that is one parts Harvest Moon, one parts Pokémon, and one parts…I have no frelling idea but I love it. Telling you that Ooblets is like Harvest Moon or Pokémon really doesn’t do it justice though. I’m just trying to give you a starting point to understand this game. Ooblets is such a different type of sim.

There is a humor and a heart to this game that grabbed me right away. My character goes to a new land and he is so honest about not having any money or possessions or skills, that you just have to laugh. And I did. I haven’t stopped smiling and laughing since I started playing this game. The dialogue in Ooblets is really funny. The NPCs in this game are a hoot.

Not only that, but there’s a ton of things to do! First of all, you get a house and a farm. You can grow crops and you can also grow Ooblets.

Okay, you want to know what Ooblets are right? Ooblets are little creatures that grow like they are crops. You are given one ooblet to start with. You then take part in dance battles in order to level up your ooblets and get seeds for other ooblets. Wait a second…dance battles?!


What the heck. Yes, there are dance offs in Ooblets. The dance battles are turn-based and you use cards in order to pick your move. Your goal is to win the dance battle by getting a certain amount of points for dancing.

These dances offs are just as weird as they sound. They are also really cute. Heck, this whole game is cute.

The Ooblets will follow you around. You can pet them and dress them up. They can also be used to do things like water your crops and man machines that help you turn crops into other things. Like I said, there is just so much to this game! Whew.

I’m also really impressed by the town in which you live. It has so many stores and lots of people. Its not the only area you visit though. Once you get a mode of transport that I won’t spoil…you can travel to other areas. My favorite so far is a spooky Halloween town but there are others that I won’t give away.


If you like simulation games, then you should play this game. Ooblets will give you plenty to do. It runs on the Harvest Moon clock so each “day” happens quickly. You do have stamina to worry about but a quick nap or two can help you out if you get low on energy. This game is so addictive that you can easily lose hours to it. I know I have. I don’t regret a thing.

Ooblets is a very addictive sim. Its out now on the Nintendo Switch eshop (and other places). GO GET IT!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I love this game!


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