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Loot Gaming August 2016

It’s Loot Gaming time! Well, it was last week. It really is disappointing how long it takes these boxes to get to Canada, but I won’t get too upset. Faster ship times means higher costs for Loot Crate, which ultimately means higher costs for consumers. Loot Gaming is always worth the wait though, and this month was no exception. Although we were not huge fans of Loot Crate, Loot Gaming was worth it, as always. lootcrate

You can get your own box at and use coupon code GAMESREVIEWS.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Figure


Last month we got a great figure that Loot Crate had made in collaboration with Square Enix, and they did it this month again with a great little Deus Ex figure. If you haven’t played Deus Ex: Mankind Divided yet, be sure to check out the review we posted after Square Enix so kindly supplied us with a review code.

The sculpt on the figure, like last months Lara Croft, was outstanding. Kudos to Loot Gaming on partnering with great companies to create great little figures. Keep it up!

Destiny tShirt


I’ve not really been a big fan of the Destiny game, but I’ve loved a lot of the merchandise that has come out alongside the game. This months Loot Gaming tShirt is a classy design that shows really nice on the black background. Even those who have not played the game will instantly recognize a few of the iconic Desinty characters. When it comes to shirts, it’s one of the best Loot Gaming has shipped with to date.

Borderlands Bottle Opener


Best. Item. Ever. Listen, I love a cold beer at the end of a long day, and all the good beers require an opener. As of today, I’ve been using one of those generic openers that come with your can openers. Now I’ve got this outstanding bottle opener. Although its a bit heavy for my liking, you cannot deny that the design and quality is superior. This is by far the fest Loot Gaming item I have ever received!

Lawbreakers Hat, Mecha Pin, Bioshock Patch

Every box has a number of filler items, some of which I like and others that I do not. This month was a solid 2 out of 3. Although I’m not a huge fan of the Lawbreakers hat – because I’m not a fan of hats in general – I thought this months Loot Gaming Pin was outstanding, and my wife is sewing my Bioshoch Patch onto my gaming bag as we speak!


Overall, this months box was great! The Borderland Clap Trap bottle opener is the best item Loot Crate as a company has ever sent me. As always, you can get your own box at and use code GAMESREVIEWS to save a few dollars off your subscription!


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