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Licensing of Marvel characters for casino games

Slots have inspired a dozen of peoples, without them can’t really identify why the casino machines seem so attractive to them. Perhaps it has constantly flashing lights and sound effects that have a stimulating effect on the brain. Or there are the regular profits, often at once playful again, because you do not get the neck fully enough.

Presumably, the combination of all these factors, this addictive game feeling – really profound game elements do not offer casino machines.

To expand the casino crowd, the industry has come up with a lot, and the probe stretched direction to cartoon heroes. Meanwhile Marvel characters can be licensed and subject-based casino games can developed. We did speak to Marvel Comic Hero: Spiderman, Hulk, X-Men or Iron Man have the honor and want to attract new customers for the casino industry.

Although said that Marvel games are similar to other casino machines, but there are individual for each game features that you should know before and which are subjects related to the comic series.


Iron Man can be played anytime free, which is recommended especially for beginners. Although the slot is easy to use and other slot games are similar, but it has some features that you should first get to know. So in Iron Man 2, for example, stacked six symbols for two on the reels, it will graphically give you a long picture.

Simple game concepts that is addictive.

In X-Men it comes however to the scratch off by couples. In a same pair to win the full profits while you win half of two rogues or two heroes. If you catch one hero and a villain, you get nothing.

The Marvel Slots is also available there as app for Smartphone’s. The Playtech Mobile App offers various Marvel games to go on.


On you can find not only said Marvel slot machines Iron Man 2, X-Men or the Hulk, but also the Football game rules. Now that Germany is world champion, an appropriate topic. Among the icons there are different kits, a ball, goalkeeper, referee and various bonus symbols that need to be caught in the correct order.

All games can be played in the demo and real money. But be careful. An old proverb says players: The machine always wins. Nevertheless, they all play on.


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