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Influence of Casino Games in Video Games

Modern casino games are heavily centred around RNG or random number generation. RNG basically determines the likelihood of winning for both the player and the house. The algorithm can produce a set number of combinations, and each combination has a value attached to it based on rarity.

Since more people are now gambling online the obsession with RNG and proabilites has increased. In fact, the market is very competitive, and players are selective when choosing the operator. A good example of a quality online gambling site would be Casino Classic which has been around since the late 90s. It has received positive feedback in places like New Zealand, and it’s packed with quality video casino games and promotions.

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Casinos always had a big cultural impact, and the number of people who play casino games has increased. Even modern video games are influenced by some of the design philosophies in the gambling industry. So, let’s see the type of impact RNG casino content has on modern video game releases.

History and Evolution

Gambling has always been present in our society, and casinos have only refined this form of entertainment. Since gambling can lead to some exciting moments, it made sense for developers to add RNG elements to their work. Randomness makes things unpredictable and entertaining. Early RPGs, action-adventures, and platformers all had some elements of surprise and unpredictability in their code.

Moreover, older video games weren’t as regulated as they are today. So, developers had more creative freedom and even added casinos as mini-games or side content.

  • Gameboy releases – Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, which was later ported to Nintendo 3DS, had an in-game casino establishment. Here player character could gamble, win coins, and exchange them for Pokemons.
  • Retro titles – Super Mario 2, and Aladin also had a bonus round where you are playing a version of slots. If you get lucky, you could receive various perks or power-ups.
  • NES casino video games Casino Kid I and II, as well as Vegas Dream, were old console releases which basically had you progress through the storyline by playing different casino games.

This trend has continued to this day. Some titles have in-game casinos where players can win resources or even unique rewards. GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption, Fable,  and The Witcher all had gambling mini-games.

As a result, many players decided to try slots, poker, Gwent (from Witcher), roulette, or other casino content in order to get rare and interesting loot. Moreover, those who already love these games were especially happy that their expertise is relevant here


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