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First Nintendo Switch OLED Unboxing (Video)

Next month, Nintendo is releasing another console: the Nintendo Switch OLED. Someone has gotten their hands on the system and did an unboxing video. Check it out below.

The Nintendo Switch OLED releases on October 8, 2021 and will cost $349.99 (USD). The system will be just as powerful as the regular Switch but has a bigger screen in handheld mode. The resolution is higher on the screen too. The model is a greyish white compared to the standard consoles all black look.

The OLED looks amazing. In the unboxing video, you can see Smash Bros, Splatoon and Minecraft shown off. The system and the dock are shown off too. If you want the best Switch yet, it looks like the OLED will be for you.

Will you be picking up a Nintendo Switch OLED in October? Its coming out just in time for Metroid Dread!


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