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FIFA 19 vs. PES 19: Which game is worth your money?


It is a debate as old as which team do you support: Liverpool or Manchester United, Barcelona or Real Madrid, and Roma or Lazio. Since 2001, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) have gone head to head to win over football fans around the world. Each has found a fanbase amongst football supporters and video gamers, who have stayed loyal to their game of choice just as a fan is true to one club. Football fans can get the latest betting promos from onlinebettingcodes and enjoy wagering on games all season.

The latest editions of FIFA and PES are ready to play. PES hit shelves around the world in August. one full month before FIFA, hoping to win football fans over with its early release. With FIFA now hitting stores in late September, football fans want to know, which one is worth their money?

PES 19 – Why you should buy it

PES 19 is an extension on the previous year’s game. Konami has taken everything there is to love about the 2018 version and tweaked it slightly. In addition, PES continues to add features many gamers love about FIFA. There are more licenced teams this season. In total, 293 teams are officially licenced for 2019.


In addition, there are 19 official football club partners including Liverpool, Barcelona, and Borussia Dortmund. The authenticity level has been raised. There are stadiums in PES players won’t find in FIFA due to the partnership agreements and the graphics for each is mind boggling.

Gameplay features new skill moves and shooting has been updated to be even more realistic. Player fatigue has also been tweaked once again making for a more authentic game.

You can even try a mode with no referee on the pitch, a fun concept while the VAR is getting used in more and more competitions.

PES 19 – Why you shouldn’t buy it

The biggest drawback with PES games are the licences Konami is unable to obtain. Whether it is generic leagues, team names, or players, it gives the game a ‘knockoff’ feel. While many video gamers can look past this due to the gameplay, others want the real teams, leagues, and player names. While a lot has been done to make PES more authentic, it still pales in comparison to FIFA when it comes to features off the pitch.


FIFA 19 – Why you should buy it

FIFA continues to up the realism of the game, but despite its tweaks over the years, it is still perfect for casual players and hardcore football gamers alike. While PES is often cited as a game for serious players, FIFA toes the line and is accessible by all who love football video games.


Both games feature amazing graphics, but FIFA is superior thanks to the game commentary players hear. In addition, FIFA 19 will be the first edition to contain the UEFA club competitions. Players can now have an even more realistic experience playing in domestic competitions and continental cup tournaments.

There is also another instalment of “The Journey”. Players who love the story-mode following player Alex Hunter will once again enjoy the chance to experience something a bit different.

FIFA 19 – Why you shouldn’t buy it

FIFA 19 will be a big hit, but plenty of video game reviewers and insiders will most likely rate PES 19 higher. Gamers love the gameplay and PES’s authenticity when it comes to on-field action. The gameplay is regularly the chief reason PES consistently gets rave reviews. FIFA looks great, it feels great, and it is fun to play, but anyone who is serious about football video games will like PES 19 more.


Other than gameplay, FIFA 19’s upgrades make it seriously good. The addition of the UEFA competitions alone makes it worth the money to buy. Of course, just like supporting a football club, it will come down to personal preference and a love for the game when determining which to purchase.



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