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Everything You Need to Know About Sweepstakes Cafe

Lately, thousands of Americans have attracted small establishments near gas stations and malls, similar to cafes but slightly different. Inside these cafes, there are computers full of games. They first appeared in the south states in 2005, and in just one decade, they spread across the country.


It’s about sweepstakes cafes—a fascinating topic in the world of casinos, which still causes a lot of controversy and discussion. So we decided to dig deeper and understand what you need to know about sweepstakes cafes.

How does it work?

It all starts with the fact that these internet cafes do not require a deposit to start playing. Instead, you need to pay a certain amount for entry or points, depending on the time you spend at the computer. Let’s say you buy 100 entries for $1. Each game requires a certain amount of entries or points. You will be able to play until your limit ends. While playing the game, the computer will show you whether you have won a prize or not.

Such cafes attract visitors because you can win quite large prizes, and at the same time, it is straightforward to control your budget. If you have to pay for each round in ordinary casinos, then sweepstakes cafes are like an amusement park where you buy a ticket for several attractions.

What is the difference between Sweepstakes Cafes and Casinos?

Is sweepstakes cafe a gambling center or not? Until now, this issue has been highly controversial. First of all, your playing skills will not affect your winnings in any way. Second, regardless of how well you play cards or the lotto, the computer will decide for you here, and all you need to do is press one start button.

Moreover, your luck will not affect the outcome of your game in any way. If there is a unique system of random numbers in ordinary slot machines, then in sweepstakes computers, everything is decided by a particular algorithm. The system predetermined the number of winnings and the time when the computer would give out the prize. And no matter how lucky you are, only the system will decide whether you should be given a prize or not. The absence of a luck factor is a precondition for those who are against equating sweepstakes cafes with casinos.

However, some US states have banned these cafes anyway, since it still depends on your luck whether you play at the right time when the program will give out prizes or not.

Is there a sweepstakes cafe scam?

These cafes are similar to casinos in their entertainment structure and the frequency of fraud.  If you decide to play in a sweepstakes cafe, be extremely careful and check the establishment’s reputation in advance.  First, think about how much you can afford to lose, and only then place your bets.  Moreover, sweepstakes cafes are not regulated by law. Most of them are not licensed, unlike casinos. This makes the sweepstakes cafe industry the most vulnerable to fraud.

Which companies make the best sweepstakes games?

More and more well-known manufacturers of online gambling are paying attention to the sweepstakes cafe sphere.  Knowing which companies provide the best options is necessary for both the owners of these cafes to build a good reputation for themselves and the players to avoid scams.


Most image-conscious software companies pay great attention to the interface and design of the game.  The subject matter is also essential.  It can be the style of Ancient Egypt or fantasy futurism.  There are so many similar games that it will be difficult for you to choose which game to start with!  Trust more companies that have made a name for themselves.  For example, Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, RiverMonster, and so on.  These companies are leaders in the sweepstakes industry.


Sweepstakes cafes have won their popularity in the USA for a reason.  That is an excellent choice if you don’t want to risk your money while still getting an impressive prize.  But as with any hobby, you should study your actions in advance and set a goal for yourself.  Is money or fun vital to you?  If you are in pursuit of both, then sweepstakes cafes are just for you. The choice is yours!