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Dragon Quest VII: PAX West 2016 Panel (Video)

Only ten more days until Dragon Quest VII comes out for the 3DS! Over the long weekend, there was a Dragon Quest VII panel at PAX West. One of the developers of the game talked about the series and VII at length. We have the video for you below!


If you want to know more about Dragon Quest VII or just the series as a whole, I highly recommend checking out this panel from PAX West 2016! Special thanks to Nintendo Everything for putting this on youtube. The panel originally aired on Twitch!

I really enjoyed this panel. We find out a lot of the behind the scenes bits about the Dragon Quest series and Dragon Quest VII in particular. There is some footage of the game shown too! I’m looking forward to Dragon Quest VII a ton. I even have the game pre-loaded onto my New 3DS already!

Are you looking forward to Dragon Quest VII? Let us know in the comments. Bonus question: What is your favorite Dragon Quest bad guy? Personally, I like the metal slimes!


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