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Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Demo Impressions

Last week, Square Enix released a demo of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. We checked it out and now has some impressions of the demo. How is Dragon Quest Monsters so far?

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince is coming out on December 1st for the Nintendo Switch. Square Enix brought out a demo for the game last week. I checked it out and now I can say…

I’m totally addicted to this game!

I just can’t stop playing Dragon Quest Monsters. I beat the demo and still can’t stop. Thankfully the demo lets you play past the story and you can still collect monsters.

So what about the story? Is it any good?

Well Dragon Quest Monsters is a prequel story to Dragon Quest 4. I’m not that familiar with that entry in the series but I still enjoyed the story. The demo does seem like it starts with the story already started though. You do get what you need to understand whats going on but hopefully the full game sets things up a bit more. The characters are very likeable though and all of the monsters are wonderful, especially if you are a Dragon Quest fan like me!

The gameplay is even better though!

Dragon Quest Monster’s gameplay feels like Dragon Quest meets Pokémon. You catch monsters like Pokémon, though without a Pokémon ball. Then the monsters do the fighting not the character you control. You can give the monsters orders or just let them fight and do whatever they want. And this demo is pretty big! It took me five hours to beat it and I can still play it more if I want. And I do want to keep playing. The gameplay is super addictive. I’m a huge Dragon Quest fan, so I love seeing all the monsters and getting them on my side. I finally fully understand how Pokémon fans feel about their favorite Pokémon. I feel the same way when I capture or create monsters that I like a lot.

Yes, you can create monsters in this game! You get this later in the demo and pretty neat.

So the Dragon Quest Monters demo is perfect right? Well. Not exactly. As much as I love the demo, it does suffer from slowdown and pop-in much like Pokémon Scarlet. Also the environments in DQM feel a bit stretched out on screen as you walk around. Thankfully it looks even better in battles and in cutscenes. So no, the demo isn’t perfect but the gameplay is a lot of fun. Despite its flaws, I am so addicted to this demo!

Hopefully in the full game, the slowdown, pop-ins, and stretched environments won’t be an issue. But even if they are, I still can’t wait to play the full game. Dragon Quest Monsters is going to be such an amazing game for Dragon Quest fans.

Are you looking forward to Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince? I know I am!


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