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Dragon Quest 11 – Review Chapter 4 – Need More Musicians in Dragon Quest

As we move onto Chapter 4 of our review, we’ve only had glowing things to say about Dragon Quest 11. The voice acting is fantastic, the environments beautiful, and the story-to-date has been top notch. I was wondering if GamesReviews would be handing out another elusive 10/10 score to this title, but after about 25 hours of gameplay I’m realizing one major flaw. The music in Dragon Quest 11 is atrocious, and I can’t imagine how this was overlooked, when everything else is so, so good.


Thanks to Square Enix for providing us a copy of the game for this review.

Chapter 1 – Beautiful Visuals

Chapter 2 – All Those Voices

Chapter 3 – Typical Battle Sequences

Many would argue that recent Dragon Quest adventures had beautiful tracks to accompany the game that was being played, and early on this was the case for Dragon Quest 11 as well. Until you quickly realize the same tracks get played over, and over, and over again. With so little variety as you move across the games sprawling world, it’s hard to get really invested in the experience with such a sub-par audio track in the background.

Can you get into the experience? Of course, because the rest of the game is such a fantastic experience. But from time-to-time, when the game might be dragging a bit or you are doing some grinding to take down a particularly hard boss, the music can wear on you, and wear on you quick. When other things are grabbing your attention – like moving through a dungeon, exploring a new field, or searching for resources – it’s not as noticeable. But when you are just hoping in and out of battle every few seconds…you’ll notice.

If you are coming into Dragon Quest 11 expecting a beautifully orchestrated soundtrack throughout the experience, I think you are in for a rough surprise. But if the central focus of your purchase was a fantastic story with great RPG mechanics, this should be of little worry to you. Annoying, perhaps. Game breaking and worthy of a major score decrease? Absolutely not.



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