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Disney Illusion Island – Reveal Trailer

Disney had a video game presentation at their D23 expo today. A few games were announced but the most interesting one, at least to this writer, was Disney Illusion Island. Its a Switch exclusive 2D platformer. Take a look at the reveal trailer below.

Disney Illusion Island was revealed today. The 2D platformer will be coming in 2023. It stars Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald. It looks to be focused on 4-player action.

The game has the four going to some mysterious islands called Monoth where they have to find three magical books in order to save the world!

Its pretty amazing to see Disney releasing a game exclusivity for the Nintendo Switch. And staring some of their biggest characters! Wow. I have to admit I’m not 100% sold on the game’s animated cutscenes. The characters look so different! Though the gameplay looks like it could be found. Hopefully it’ll have online multiplayer along with local four player. It could be a really fun game.

What do you think of Disney Illusion Island?


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