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Disney Dreamlight Valley a Mixed Bag on Nintendo Switch

The verdict is in, and people love Disney Dreamlight Valley. Add me to that list, although my experience on Nintendo Switch has been less than ideal. Issues on the Nintendo Switch seem to be lumped into two categories – those that seem to be impacting everyone, and those that seem to impact only a few people. Still, even with the issues, it is a game I just can’t seem to put down as I work to welcome all my Disney friends to the Valley!


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The widespread issues on Nintendo Switch are easy things to brush aside will playing. There are famerate drops, stutters, and from time-to-time, the game freezes up completely. While the background music continues to play, and things move around you, players have been frequently saying they lose all control over their characters, and it is not because controllers are disconnected. Other issues include frequent pop-in and more, much of which is due to the Nintendo Switch’s lack of power.

Check out my video review of Disney Dreamlight Valley on Nintendo Switch:

The other issues seem to be less wide spread. I’ve played and streamed about 10 hours of Disney Dreamlight Valley so far, and have experienced numerous complete game crashes. This seems to happen most often when loading into the menu (as opposed to your inventory screen). At first, I thought it was because I was putting my Switch to sleep for long periods of time between play sessions, but just recently I completely powered down my Switch and reloaded Disney Dreamlight Valley before recording video for a Premier. Within the first 15 minutes, the game crashed, sending me back to the Switch main menu.

It’s frustrating that these issues exist, but I want to highlight two things – this game is in early access, and there are patches coming. With each patch on the Nintendo Switch, seems do seem to slightly improve. But that doesn’t mean there is room to do a lot more.

Are you enjoying Disney Dreamlight Valley?


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