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Cardline Animals Review

I love simplistic games that can also teach something valuable, and that is exactly what Cardline Animals does. The goal of the game is to take all your cards from your line of cards and slot them into the “cardline” before your opponents. But how exactly do you get cards down on the table? Let’s take a look!


Each card in Cardline Animal has a picture of the animal, the name of the animal, and a number of different statistics related to the animals weight, size, and lifespan. The simplicity of the game is absolutely brilliant. A card is drawn from the top of the deck to create the starting point for the game. Then players decide which statistic they are going to play – the animals weight, the animals size, or the animals lifespan.

When the game begins, you will see one side of the cards that were dealt to you. That side only shows the animals picture and name. All of the important statistics are on the other side of the card. What you will need to decide on your turn is if one of the animals in your line of cards is bigger / longer / lives longer or smaller / shorter / lives less than what is one the table. After you have decided where to place your card, you flip it over to see if you are correct. If so, the card stays in the line making it longer. If it is not correct, you discard the card and draw a new one.

Over time, more animals will be placed in the line, which makes the game harder and harder as you go. Does a hippo live longer than the stork, or less? And how much longer or less? More than a mallard duck too? There is a lot of thinking to do, but the educational facts on all the cards makes this more than just a game. And with my kids, this is a huge plus! If you are looking for a great, educational experience that is easy to understand, then this is a must own!


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