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Assassins Creed Origins: New Combat

One of the defining features of the newest Assassin’s Creed game is an all new combat system which takes into consideration your level v. the enemies level, and your equipment v. your opponents equipment. Gone are the days of wait, party, attack as you move through one enemy after the next. Now, it’s a free for all that you better be prepared for!

You can pre-order your own copy of Assassin’s Creed Origins from Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and from Ubisoft directly!

Assassin's Creed

Assassin’s Creed Origins introduces players to the largest Assassin’s Creed world ever created, and the development team is touting this as a “go wherever you want” and “do whatever you want” experience, which is more so synonymous with RPG titles rather than Assassin’s Creed games. Unlike in previous Assassin’s games where a well timed jump would air assassinate any NPC in the game, you won’t find the same simplicity in Egypt.

The first big change to the combat system is the concept of levelled enemies and a levelled character. If you explore enough and stumble on a camp with level 20 enemies, while you are an eager level 15 or 16, don’t expect to assassinate your way through the camp. While your assassination attempt is likely to inflict a good amount of stealth damage, you won’t actually be able to remove an opponent with that one quick flick of a blade. A quick battle might ensue, allowing enemy NOCs to flock to your position.

Assassin's Creed

Knowing your level, and the levels of your opponents will help you stay on track in Assassin’s Creed Origins, almost like a subtle nudge that perhaps the area you are in shouldn’t be on your list of places to explore, just yet. That isn’t to say to can’t win here, a master of combat could take out a camp of NPCs several levels better than him or herself.

Having quality armour and weapons will also aid in your attempt to take down enemies who, in theory, are more powerful and better than you. Throughout the world, there are a number of caves, tombs, and ruins to explore that, even if they are not part of a larger quest, will hold treasures that make the exploration and puzzle solving completely worth it. Assassin’s Creed Director Ahsraf Ismail noted that you’ll never waste your time exploring a random location, as each and every hidden cavern had treasures inside that will be a huge benefit to whoever is playing.

A new combat system in Assassin’s Creed Origins is a welcome change to the franchise that some of have seen stumbling along since the release of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. According to those who have had the opportunity to play demos of the title at E3 2017 and Gamescom, the year hiatus the franchise took is probably one of the best decisions Ubisoft ever made to the benefit of the end user: you!

Check out Assassin’s Creed Origins is when it hits retail and digital at the end of October! We hope to have a review to coincide with the launch of the game, so stay tuned!





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