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12 Tips for Buying League Accounts Safely

There are lots of reasons to want a new League of Legends account. Maybe you’re helping a friend level up or try the game. Maybe you’re tired of the ELO you’re in and want to give ranked a fresh start. Maybe you’ve even had your eyes on a Legacy skin that you will never be able to get on your main account.


Whatever the case, buying an account can be expensive and there are many ways of doing it wrong. Riot Games doesn’t actually enforce the purchase of accounts, which means that you’ll be stuck if someone tries to take their account back after selling it to you.

If you want to get an account, but want to avoid the risk, here are 12 tips for buying a League of Legends account safely.

Buy From Reputable Dealers

Despite accounts technically being against Riot’s terms of service, there are still many places to buy accounts online and many reputable sellers who will be happy to provide you with a fresh account to get started with.

Now, you might assume that these sellers are going to be unscrupulous, they are breaking the rules after all, but there are those among them that are the exact opposite, being professional, fast and having good customer service. Services like these live and die on their reputations, so they need to do everything they can to cultivate a good one.

If you’re buying an account, buy from somewhere with a reputation.

Know What You’re Buying

In the world of League Accounts there are a lot of specific things that people are looking for, and it’s critical that you know what you’re getting into with an account. The last thing you want is to spend money and get the wrong product.

One of the main things to look out for is for accounts that are hand levelled. They are going to be a little more expensive, but they are a way better option if you are buying an account that is going to become your new main.

Change Your Info Right Away

As soon as you log into the purchased account for the first time, the best thing to do is going to be to change all of the attached information that is in the account. Things like the password and the connected email address are perfect ways to ensure that your account is going to be yours for the upcoming future.

This is doubly true if you bought the account off an individual, the moment you log in, you need to change the account information to be exclusively yours. The last thing you want is them changing the password and walking away with your money and the account.

Watch the Payment Processor

Online there are payment processors that people run their credit cards through, and you’ll always be able to see what processor an online store is using when you’re using checkout. For the sake of safety, it’s best to look for some of the biggest payment processors online, like Stripe or to make your payment. These are multi-million-dollar businesses that handle millions of credit cards a day. As long as you’re giving your credit card information through one of these services, you won’t need to worry about your information getting out there.

Pay with Your Credit Card

On a similar vein, Credit Card companies, like Payment Processors are there to defend you as a buyer, simply put, without you they don’t have a business. Though this won’t come up with reputable dealers, if something does happen with the purchase (Like the account isn’t as described) your credit card company will have your back through the refund process, which is much better than doing an e-transfer, where there is zero recourse if someone doesn’t deliver.

Pay Online

Touching on both of the previous points. If you are giving your information to someone, whether that is through paypal, credit card or another method, always ensure that you’re going to be paying online. Giving credit cards over the phone, or in person for a charge is an easy way to have that number end up on the wrong places of the internet.

More important, online orders always have a perfect paper trail. When you order from a reputable dealer who has an online payment processor. Both sides have a record of the transaction, what you ordered, what was delivered, and any communication between you and the company. It’s almost impossible for there to be an unknown mistake along the way that can’t be solved.

Test the Waters

If it feels like we’re banging on about payment processing a lot, it’s because we are. Premium League of Legends accounts can be a huge purchase and the last thing you want is money going to waste. If you have your eyes on a premium account with a rare skin, ensure that you buy something smaller from the company first and give it a few weeks of playtime. This ensures that you can see if accounts get banned quickly, they attempt to take the account back, or if everything happens smoothly with payment. In the end, if you’re spending hundreds of dollars, twenty more is a small price to pay for safety.

Get the Recovery Info

Many dealers will offer the option to get, or include the recovery information for the account by default. The main things that you are going to want are the email, date of account creation, and IP Address. This information is going to ensure that you’re never stuck not knowing something about the account that you should in the future, and is essential to having a safe account.

Don’t Talk to Riot

Unless you REALLY need support for your League of Legends account, it’s best to stay under the radar on your purchased account. As we mentioned before, Riot’s policies don’t allow for purchased accounts, and owning an account that isn’t yours is a bannable offense. Letting them know it was bought is a quick way to get the account taken from you.

Additionally, even if you don’t end up telling Riot that you purchased the account, it opens them up to take a closer look at the account which isn’t something you want considering you bought it on the down-low.

Don’t Tell Anyone You Bought the Account

Look, some people are going to know that you bought a new League Account. If you suddenly have a Legacy skin it’s going to be clear to close friends, but letting people know that you bought the account opens them up to getting jealous and telling Riot. Once again, having the account is a bannable offense, and the last thing you need is a taunted enemy team member tattling to Riot and taking the account away.  If you’re Smurfing, smash them quietly. If you’re flexing a legacy skin, be humble. Under the radar is the safe space.


Don’t Jump Right Into Ranked

Though it’s likely tempting to jump right back into the thick of things when you buy an account, the safest thing to do is to give the account a short break, or play modes like ARAM before taking her for a test drive on the rift. Riot keeps track of player skill as part of their ELO score, and that means that they might notice sharp or drastic changes.If your account was leveled by a bot, suddenly jumping into ranked and dunking on newbies will put up a red flag for Riot. It’s impossible to know what level of skill gap turns on their alarms, but to be safe, keeping away from their most skill-tracked mode is the safe bet.

Look for a Guarantee

Even if you do absolutely everything right, there is a chance that Riot spots and kills the account before you’ve gotten your money’s worth. This is where guarantees come in, the best dealers are going to ensure that they keep you happy and offer replacement accounts under certain conditions.

This also means you need to follow their conditions.

Either way, having a backup with the company behind you is the best way to play in peace, and ensure that you’re not losing your hard earned money and elo when you buy an account. You are welcome to learn more on

But that’s it for now! Those are 12 tips to keep you in the loop when you’re buying a League of Legends account. It’s critical to keep all of these in mind when you’re planning a new purchase. Whether it’s a small account to throw away on helping a friend Level, or an account that is going to be your new main, keeping your account safe and secure can be done by following these tips.

Remember to be safe both online and out there on the rift, and if you’re replacing a banned account, don’t make the same mistakes again.