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Yo-Kai Watch Translation Project: Chapter Four

In the previous Chapter of Yo-Kai Watch, we worked to close the seals that kept evil Yo-Kai out of Springdale, hopefully stopping the impending doom that seemed to hover over the city. While we were able to close the Seals at the Post Office, the Bank, the Community Centre, and the Elementary School, I’m not completely positive we’ve stopped the pending doom from spreading. In Chapter Four, we learn about upgrading our Yo-Kai Watch by our good friend Mortimer Goodsight, who has an odd request for us – can we go fetch is undies from the spa?


Join us as we gather up the necessary items to upgrade our Yo-Kai Watch!

Chapter 4

*Nate is asleep in bed.*

Nate: *yawn*

Whisper: Good morning, Nate.

Whisper: Time to wash your face and get dressed and brush your teeth!

*Nate gets changed*

Whisper: You were knocked out pretty good!

Whisper: You definitely earned a good night’s sleep. You were great yesterday!

Nate: Yeah…that Slimamander thing was really strong.

Nate: What if another Yo-kai that powerful would’ve showed up?

Whisper: I’m not sure, but I think we’ll need some stronger Yo-kai moving forward.

Whisper: And the stronger Yo-kai are better at concealing themselves.

Whisper: So we must upgrade your Yo-kai Watch if we want to find stronger friends!

Whisper: I think that should be our focus today. What do you think Nate?

Nate: Sounds good to me. But how do we upgrade the Yo-kai Watch?

Whisper: The watch shop is probably a good place to start.

Whisper (Sings): You know…If you have a watch you just adore. Come on down to Timers & More!

Whisper: The shopkeeper’s family has been dealing with Yo-kai for decades.

Whisper: They’re actually the ones who created the Yo-kai Watch!

Nate: Wow! That sounds awesome! Let’s go!

Whisper: Agreed! Timers & More, here we come!

Nate: I remember seeing that place over by the Blossom Heights Station!

*At the Timers & More*

Mortimer Goodsight: Hello there! Welcome to Timers & More. I’m Mortimer. Whatcha need kid?

Nate: Well, I just had some questions about this watch.

Mortimer Goodsight: Sure! Let’s take a look-see at what we got here…

Mortimer Goodsight: Oh…a genuine Yo-kai Watch! Very nice! And who’s this Yo-kai with you?

Whisper: I’m Whisper, Yo-kai butler extraordinaire! At your service!

Nate: Wait. You…you can see him?

Mortimer Goodsight: Of course I can! I’ll let you in on a little secret…I’m actually a Yo-kai myself!

Whisper: See, some Yo-kai like him take human form and join human society!

Nate: Oh, I had no idea…

Mortimer Goodsight: Don’t get many people with Yo-kai Watches here. How can I help ya?

Nate: Well, I need to make friends with some stronger Yo-kai!

Mortimer Goodsight: Sure, sure…So you’re looking for a total functional upgrade, is that it?

Mortimer Goodsight: That would be my pleasure! I do miss working on those little babies!

Mortimer Goodsight: However, I’m gonna need some special parts in order to make that happen.

Mortimer Goodsight: Lessee here… Yeah, I’ll need a cog, a screw, and a spring.

Mortimer Goodsight: I’ll call the bike shop ‘bout the screw, so you can just pick that up there.

Mortimer Goodsight: The cog might be at the Old Mansion…and the spring at Wayfarer Manor.

*At the Old Mansion*

Instructions: Some parts of the city are sealed off with a Watch Lock.

Instructions: If your Watch Rank is lower than the Watch Lock, you’re out of luck.

Instructions: Strong Yo-kai await you beyond a high-ranking Watch Lock!

Inside Old Mansion:

Nate: This is a weird place to pick up a cog.

Whisper: Well, a place like this may have more than a few antiques rolling around.

Whisper: It’s certainly full of stray Yo-Kai at the very least—

Whisper: I can tell you that right now! Let’s find that cog!

Nate: This place looks like a dead end.

Whisper: I would take a gander at that wall if I were in your shoes… I mean, really!

Whisper: Could that wall look any more suspicious?!

*Received key from chest in upper left corner after falling from above:*

Nate: I wonder what this key is for…

Whisper: Perhaps it’s for that locked door near the entrance…Just a guess.

Instructions: OK, time to head back to the entrance!

*At the entrance:*

Instructions: Alright, let use the Old Mansion Key!

???: *zzz…* *grnk* *snort* Grnnnnz…. *zzz…*

Nate: That Yo-Kai must be overworked.

Whisper: That’s Baku. It’s known for eating people’s nightmares.

Baku: Noooo….Nomnommmm.

Whisper: Seems like it’s having a nightmare itself, though. Should we wake it up?

*Nate nods yes.*

Baku: NOOOOOOOOO! Monster like you won’t eat Baku!

*After the fight*

Baku: Grrrnk….

Nate: Are you OK?

Baku: *gasp* Baku not dreaming?!

Whisper: Sorry. Guess we gave you a ruder awakening that we planned.

Baku: Phew! Baku relieved. Baku thanks. Baku bad dreams lately.

Baku: Baku starving for good dreams! Your face tasty for Baku.

Nate: Thanks, I—wait—what?!

Baku: Baku friend. Baku eat all bead dreams. Good for you, good for Baku.

Nate: O-OK, sure. Just…don’t eat my face.

Baku: Baku no eat face.

Baku: Baku devour your delicious dreams! Shiny thing mean tasty friendship.

Instructions: OK, we’ve obtained Watch Cog!

Nate: Great! This is the cog!

Whisper: Pretty sure that’s the one the shopkeeper at Timers & More wanted!

Baku: Baku happy to be friends, buffet.

Nate: Please don’t eat me. Seriously.

Whisper: New friends can emerge from strange places, eh, Nate?

Whisper: That’s what they call reaping two Yo-Kai with one sown!

Wayfarer Manor:

Landlord: Hey, man! I bet you’re Nate! Lay it on me, kid!

Nate: Uh…how did you know my name?

Landlord: Ah, ol’man Morty from Timers & More called and told me everything.

Landlord: You’re here for the thing that goes with the…other thing, right? Take it!

Instructional: Obtained Watch Spring!

Landlord: I can feel it. You’ve got one righteous air about you, kid.

Landlord: It’s almost as if I can see how much you really love Yo-kai! I got an idea.

Landlord: This place? The Wayfarer Manor? So, it’s actually…

Landlord: A far-our Zen spot where Yo-kai from other cities can hang loose.

Landlord: But here’s the thing: I need someone to manage the property for me.

Landlord: Managing stuff like that just isn’t my bag, y’know.

Whisper: Nate, with all that Yo-kai love you got, you’d be perfect for this!

Landlord: It’s also super laid back. I’m saying that as the manager of the place!

Landlord: You should go converse with some Yo-kai from other cities sometime.

Landlord: I’m in no hurry, so just let me know if you’re interested in taking the gig!

Instructions: Wandering Yo-kai will visit the old Wayfarer Manor.

Instructions: Wandering Yo-kai are Yo-kai that visit Springdale via StreetPass.

Instructions: When Wandering Yo-kai appear, they will reside at Wayfarer Manor.

Instructions: If a Wandering Yo-kai is there, you’ll see the icon near the door!

Instructions: If you talk to a Yo-kai, you may get a gift! You may also get into a fight!

Instructions: Occasionally, a Wandering Yo-kai will befriend you after a battle.

Instructions: However, you cannot befriend Rare, Legend, or S-Rank Yo-kai.

Instructions: Use StreetPass as much as possible to meet Wandering Yo-kai!

At the bicycle shop:

Nate: Um…hi. I was just at Timers & More…?

Bike Seller: Oh, hey there! Are you the one running errands for Mr. Goodsight?

Bike Seller: Yea, he called us and said you’d be here to pick up a screw.

Nate: That’s me!

Bike Seller: Here it is. Kind of a rare piece. That screw is hard to find in these parts.

Bike Seller: Don’t lose it on your way back!

Instructions: Obtained Watch Screw!

*At Timers & More*

Mortimer Goodsight: Not too shabby there, young one! Looks like ya got everything we need!

Mortimer Goodsight: Well, I’d really love to get cookin’ on this, but…I’m not feelin’ it.

Mortimer Goodsight: Ever since I lost my lucky undies, my work just hasn’t been the same.

Mortimer Goodsight: I just can’t get motivated without ‘em. Could you get ‘em for me?

Nate: I’m sorry—you’re asking me to…get your underwear for you?

Mortimer Goodsight: Yup! I called the Springdale Hot Springs, but nobody’s turned ‘em in.

Mortimer Goodsight: They told me to come back after they closed for the day.

Mortimer Goodsight: Would you mind checking out the hot springs for me after they close?

Nate: To get your underwear?! I can’t do that!

Nate: First of all, Mom would KILL me if she found out I wasn’t in my room at night.

Mortimer Goodsight: Unfortunate for my undies. If only we had Baku around, we’d be golden…

Baku: You call Baku?

Mortimer Goodsight: Hey! How ‘bout that? You two are already pals! That makes things easy.

Mortimer Goodsight: Baku here’ll take care of whatever you’re worried about!

Nate: What do you mean by that?

Mortimer Goodsight: Baku can suck all the sleepiness out of ya. You’ll be fulla energy again!

Mortimer Goodsight: On topa that, Baku can change form and take your place in bed at night!

Nate: Really?! That’s awesome!

Baku: Piece of cake! Good cake. Tasty, tasty, tasty cake!

Whisper: Come on! Let’s get you home and try this out right away!

*At home in the middle of the night*

Nate: Whoa, it worked! I’m not sleepy one bit.

Baku: Good meal. Baku full and sleepy… *Turns into Nate and goes to sleep in the bed.*

Whisper: This is fantastic, Nate! Now we’re free to go out exploring at night!

Whisper: Let’s sneak our way out of here before your parents find out…

Instructions: Thanks to Baku, you can go outside at night now!


Nate: Whew! We made it out without anyone noticing!

Whisper: Good work! Let’s head on over to the hot springs!

*Walks down the block*

Nate: Hey, Whisper, hold on a sec. Do you feel something…weird?

*Super Oni cut-scene*

Nate: Aaaah! What the heck was that?!

Whisper: It’s called an Oni! Not time to explain—only time to RUN!

Instructions: Going from walking to running will make the stamina gauge appear on screen!

Instructions: While running your stamina gauge will start and continue to decrease!

Instructions: Once the gauge has fully decreased you will become tired, moving slowly!

Instructions: Moderate between walking and running to restore stamina efficiently!

Instructions: Items can also be purchased to help with stamina related issues!

*At the checkpoint*

Nate: *huff*…*puff*… It’s no good. That thing…is gonna catch us!

Whisper: We’re not done yet, Nate! Just keep running! You can do it!

Nate: Ok! *huff* you’re right…*puff*..

*New creature appears*

Nate: Uh… hi.

???: …

Nate: Haven’t we met before…?

???: Cut the small talk. I’ve been watching you, Nate.

???: If you want to escape, this door will return you to safety.

Nate: Wait! You helped us when we fought Slimamander too, right?

Nate: I never got to thank you!

???: Yes, well…don’t assume that means we’re allies.

???: I’m not in the government, so don’t expect another bailout next time.

???: Farewell, Nate.

Nate: What a weirdo…

Whisper: Through that door, Nate!

*Went through the door*

Whisper: We made it!

Nate: That was a close one…

Whisper: That Yo-kai who helped us is really quite the mysterious one, eh?

Whisper: The Oni who was chasing us, though… Could it have been…?

Nate: Been what or been who?

Whisper: Its sudden appearance could only have meant one thing… TERROR TIME!

Nate: Terror Time? I’ll probably regret this, but what’s that?

Whisper: Terror Time is a special kind of nightmare that kids have.

Whisper: Oni are physical representations of a dreamer’s fears and worries.

Whisper: They say you’ll wake with a stronger heart if you escape from an Oni!

Nate: What happens if you don’t escape…?

Whisper: You’ll wake up back in your bed.

Whisper: But you will have missed out on the chance to grow stronger…

Instructions: While you’re out and about, you may get caught in Terror Time!

Instructions: If this happens, hide from the Oni and find the exit as fast as you can!

Instructions: During Terror Time, you’ll see Oni Treasure Chests with goodies inside.

Instructions: If you dillydally too long, the number of little Oni will increase, so watch it!

Instructions: If the Oni catches and defeats you, you’ll lose any collected treasure!

Instructions: I recommend safety first. Just focus on finding that exit for a while.

Whisper: It is strange, though, that we were in Terror Time when we were awake.

Whisper: Maybe it’s because we had Baku sleeping in your place…?

Whisper: Well, we can figure that out later. We were on our way to the hot springs!

Whisper: We need your Yo-kai Watch upgraded as soon as humanly possible.

Whisper: Now let’s track down that old man’s luck pair of underwear!

Nate: Uh…yeah. Let’s…do that.

*At the Hot Springs*

Springs Girl: Well, you’re out awfully late.

Springs Girl: If you want to take a dip, you’ll have to come back tomorrow.

Nate: Actually, I’m here to pick up something…for a friend.

Springs Girl: Sorry, but there isn’t anything in our lost and found. I just checked it.

Springs Girl: I’ll still be here for a few more minute if you’d like to look around, though!

Nate: Great! Thanks!

Whisper: Let’s get searching! Wait! I’m sensing something!

Nate: …Is it underwear?

Whisper: No! I feel a powerful aura coming from that bath over there!

Whisper: I think there’s a Yo-kai lurking around here! We have to investigate!

Nate: I can’t believe I’m saying this—can’t we just…find the underwear and go?

*If you try to enter the woman’s bath*

Springs Girl: Hey! That’s the side for women! You’re a boy, right?

Nate: What if I told you no…?

*In the men’s bath*

Sproink: AWWW YEAH… Sproink loves a hot soak after a hard day. *snort*

Nate: Whoa! Was it just that one Yo-kai giving off that huge aura?!

Whisper: That bath looks very relaxing!

Nate: So we can just leave him be then, right? Please say yes.

Sproink: HEY! Keep it down over thar!

Sproink: Don’t make Sproink get outta dis tub ans settle you down hisself! *snort*

Whisper: Oh my! Look at the underwear that he’s wearing!

Nate: Do I have to…?

Whisper: I bet you those are Mr. Goodsight’s luck undies!

Nate: Wait—really?!

Whisper: Unless someone else scribble Mr. Goodsight’s name on the waistband!

Nate: I’m hoping that’s unlikely…

Nate: Hey there, uh… Mr. Sproink? Can you give us that underwear? Please?

Sproink: You in’errupt Sproink’s soak and den demand Sproink’s new undies?!

Sproink: Looks like Sproink is gonna hafta make an example outta you!

*After the fight*

Sproink: WHY? All Sproink wanted wuzza long boil inna hot bath.

Instructions: Obtained Old Man Undies!

Nate: Were those back up dancers with him?

Whisper: Well done, Nate! You retrieved the underwear successfully!

Nate: Yeah, well… let’s keep that between you and me if at all possible.

Whisper: “Good deeds are best done quickly,” as someone said once somewhere!

*At Timers & More*

Mortimer Goodsight: Well, look at that—ya found my lucky underwear! I was givin’ up hope!

Mortimer Goodsight: Thank ya very much! Now I feel my muse comin’ back like a freight train!

Mortimer Goodsight: Lemme take those beauties off your hands there.

Instructional: Gave Old Man Undies! Handed over Cog, Screw, and Spring.

Mortimer Goodsight: Alrighty, now you just sit a spell while I fancy up yer Yo-Kai Watch.

Nate: Should we tell him that Sproink was wearing his underwear…?

Whisper: Shush! Don’t break his concentration!

Mortimer Goodsight: Hunh?! What’s that?

Nate: Uh, nothing!

Mortimer Goodsight: And there we have it!

Mortimer Goodsight: You should be able to see tougher Yo-kai now, no problem!

Mortimer Goodsight: Use it wisely, kiddo!

Instructions: Your Yo-kai Watch is now Rank D!

Instructions: The Watch Rank shows the level of your Yo-Kai Watch!

Instructions: You can encounter stronger Yo-kai when your watch rank goes up.

Instructions: You can also unlock Watch Locks on sealed doors.

Instructions: Finish Requests from the owner of Timers & More to get an upgrade!

Instructions: Increasing your Watch Rank will allow you to explore new areas!

Whisper: You’ll be able to make much stronger friends now!

Nate: Sweet! I can’t wait to see it in action!

*Back at home*

Baku: *zzz…* *murmur murmur* *zzz…*

Baku: Too much food… Baku eat no more…

Baku: Huh?! Oh. Baku dreaming again! Great! Baku eat more dreams!

Instructions: You can now accept the quest Fusion Time! at the temple.

*End Chapter 4.*


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