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When Will Nintendo Develop a New Mario And Luigi Title?

It is safe to say that Nintendo has moved to their one-console ecosystem, proving at home entertainment and on-the-go fun in one great package, the Nintendo Switch. And this hybrid console has paid off in spades, selling nearly 90 million units since 2017. Not too shabby. This transition away from the 3DS and the rest of their handheld library has begged one important question: when do the exclusive handheld franchises land on the Switch?


When looking back on what Nintendo has released so far, few of them would ever have been simply 3DS games in the old world – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is probably the only title that, if Nintendo was still using a two system ecosystem, could have played on the 3DS as opposed to the Switch. But we aren’t in the old Nintendo ecosystem anymore, so again…when are we getting beloved 3DS franchises on the Nintendo Switch!

The biggest franchise that comes to mind for me is the Mario & Luigi titles that were major hits on the GameBoy Advance, DS and 3DS. These titles would have Mario and Luigi working together in a sprawling RPG to defeat enemies, rescue friends, and so much more. While many say the franchise won’t work with only one screen, it’s worth reminding them the franchise began on a single screen system, and while gameplay mechanics evolved with the DS and 3DS releases that utilized multiple screens, it wouldn’t be impossible for Nintendo to revive the franchise on the Switch without the dual screen.

Another franchise that just didn’t get enough love was Super Princess Peach! While not played by many – and the game is worth a hell of a lot of money now! – it’s time Peach got another shot at an adventure game built for her. Super Princess Peach was a fantastic experience that changed the tried-and-true formula used in 2D Mario titles with something slightly different, and I think it paid off. I would love to see more Super Princess Peach on Nintendo Switch!

Kid Icarus is another that I would love to see back on a Nintendo console. Although not strictly on handhelds, as the original was on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the franchise has been relegated to the GameBoy and DS family of systems ever since. Isn’t it time Pit and the crew got more love, outside of Super Smash Bros?

These are the few that jump off the page to me, but leave a comment below on what titles you want to come to the system!


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