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Visiting Button City

Do you remember Arcades? Were you a 80s/90s gamer? Button City, a new game for Nintendo Switch, is tapping into 80s/90s nostalgia for Arcades, videos games in general, and more. We received a review code of the game yesterday and here are our first impressions of Button City for the Nintendo Switch!


Button City is an adventure game where you play as Fennel, a fox kid, who lives in a diorama like world. The game’s graphics are beyond cute and colorful. Fans of Animal Crossing and other wholesome games will love it.

As for the gameplay, Button City is an adventure game where you travel between layers of a city and complete quests.

I’m very early in the game so far. I only got the game yesterday. At this point though, I already love the game.

Fennel’s love of video games feels very familiar. Whether its playing his Gameboy like handheld, looking at his console on the floor of his living room or visiting an arcade, 80s/90s fans will feel right at home. The story and dialogue are all ages friendly and its a very relaxing game. The game’s controls include button and touch screen, both of which work well.

Button City seems like a fun game. I’ve only scratched the surface of it. I can’t wait to try out some Arcade games and see what else Button City has in store.

Button City is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop! Thank you to Stride PR for providing a review of code of the game.


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