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UtechSmart Venus High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse Review

You might have looked around in search of an ideal gaming mouse for some time now. Not to worry, finding an ideal MMO mouse at the right price can prove to be quite a challenge. You don’t have to run out of options though. You should consider checking out the utechSmart venus 16400 DPI gaming mouse. The only question is; does it really live up to the hype? Well, read on to find out what this gaming gizmo has for you.


Features and performance

This mouse is built with the needs of every gamer in consideration. The utechsmart venus thus packs in a hoard of features that give it an outstanding performance. By the way, if you haven’t yet, make sure to check out some pro ideas on how to pick a good gaming mouse. Here are several features that you cannot afford to miss on this device.

Ergonomic construction

First, you will definitely love the ergonomic design. This comes with a right-handed design and rubber painting surface that offers a firm grip as you play along. Then there’s the braided fiber cable stretching up to 6 feet.

This cable also comes with a USB connector plaited in gold to enhance its lasting and high-level performance. Another thing you will come to love about utechsmart venus is the 16 million LED colors. You can use the software to control these lights according to what you want. Better yet, you can disable them if you so wish.

Mouse software

Then there’s the software that you can use to control several functions of the mouse. The gizmo even comes with a dropbox link that helps you download the software with ease. The multi-language software also comes in handy for a different type of users. This feature makes utechsmart venus an ideal mouse for people of different languages to understand and make the most out of it easily. This mouse seems to have something for everyone.

Anti-skid design

When it comes to the feet pads, this mouse has what it takes to be the last one standing. Its pads are smooth and yet durable TEFLON design. It is built to take on a heavy-duty performance that every gamer wants. And if you want a perfect gaming control, then this mouse has something for that too. Its contour body is built to give you the ultimate control even in the most intense gaming moments.


But when it comes to the underside of the mouse, things are quite the opposite. Utechsmart venus comes with sliders that enable it to glide effortlessly on your mouse pad. Not forgetting, the mouse pad is built for durability too. You can use it for well over a year before you ever have to think about replacing it.

Adjustable buttons

Utechsmart venus also boasts a wide range of DPI buttons that you will find handy in almost every aspect. Among its high profile features, this mouse comes with is its 18 buttons. And if you love adjustable buttons, then this is as good as it can get. Perhaps the best part about the buttons is that you can always customize them. Thanks the software in this mouse, you can set your buttons to perform different functions.

But if you want to take charge of the game, one of its buttons can be really helpful. This mouse comes with a special button at the back, designed as a special switch. For ultimate efficiency in taking command of your mouse, this button offers what you need.

Then it features a button for power control and up to 12 buttons on its side. With the buttons comes something even more intriguing. If you love a well-illuminated mouse, then you will find something to love about this one. It comes with up to 5 color types of breathing light.

You also have up to five memory profiles that you can save. But to make things easier for you, each of them comes with its outstanding color. So you don’t have to struggle with to distinguish between the five of them. These go a long way to enhancing the performance of your mouse when in use.

What about the size

The utechsmart venus is a bit bigger than most of its competitors. Nevertheless, this mouse fits in just right with most average-sized hands. Most of the small mice can be rather problematic to use. They might potentially cause pain if used for long. The excessively big ones can be uncomfortable to use. But at just the average size, this device comes in handy for most users.


If you have extremely small or large hands, this mouse might not be the best pick for you. The good side is that most users are in the average hand size. And just like any other mouse out there, it can hardly cover everyone’s needs. But at least, this mouse comes in the perfect size for the larger number of gamers.

Adjustable weights

For most users, the right gaming mouse should offer the opportunity to fine-tune the weight as you wish. This particular one is built with that necessity in mind. As such, it features up to 8 pre-installed 2.4-gram weights. But even with the weights on, this device is fairly light. However, to give you a balanced and symmetric use, it has a thumb rest below its buttons.

Laser design

Utechsmart venus comes with an infrared laser beneath its body. And when it comes to the need for speed, this mouse delivers where it matters. Its 100 to 150in/s cursor speed is outright impressive. It also offers up to 16400 DPI, with 1000 Hz polling rate. For ultimate pixel precision, you can pull out some great moves with its 5 DPI settings.

Then you have an acceleration of up to 30G, not to mention the 1200 FPS. You also have Omron micros switches, which bring onboard clear and firm clicks. Its wide range of compatibility makes it great for use with several PC versions. You can use this mouse with Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Vista and even Windows XP.


Can cater to most average hand sizes.

Its sliders give it an effortless glide on your mouse pad.

High responsive sensor.

Descent LED with several adjustment options.

Ideal DPI for high precision in gaming.


Not great for extremely small or large hands.

The weights don’t make much difference.

Final words

Apparently, the utechsmart venus is one of the best gaming mouse options around so far. You can count on it for outstanding performance in gaming and other uses. The lightweight design can make it a great pick for most users. Then you can count on the software for ultimate control of your gaming.

This comes with the ease of use that makes this mouse beat the competition by a high margin. When it comes to durability, you can expect to use this little device for a few years before it gives in. Despite the high-stress levels gaming mice come across, this one has what it takes to withstand quite a beating.

Besides, it has something for more of the users in the average hand-size bracket. Factor in the wide array of impressive ergonomics and high performance features to get the bang for your money. You might have to try it to believe it. But don’t be surprised if it changes your gaming experience for good.


Design 4/5

Mouse software 4/5

Buttons 5/5

Size and weights 3.7/5

Laser 5/5

Overall 4/5


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