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Its Time To Mow Some Grass: The Legend of Kusakari First Impressions

On Tuesday, I received a new 3DS review code for a game. The game is called The Legend of Kusakari and in it you…mow grass. Well, you mow the grass with a sword rather than a lawn mower, but still, the object of the game is to get rid of grass. Of course, it wouldn’t be a video game if there wasn’t some challenge! There are enemies to avoid as you cut the grass and you’re health will keep falling when you are not cutting the grass. This is a very tough game. But is the game fun? My review is not ready yet, but here are my first impressions of the Legend of Kusakari.


Do you like to cut grass in the Legend of Zelda? If so, then you may be interested in Legend of Kusakari. Basically, Kusakari takes grass cutting and makes that into the entire game. Is this game fun though? So far, my answer would be no.

There are some people who will like Legend of Kusakari. They will find the endless mode addictive and the story mode challenging. I can see some people calling the game “mindlessly addictive.” But the truth is that Legend of Kusakari isn’t that fun. At least, so far, its not that fun. I still want to play my way through more of the story levels, but I doubt my opinion of the game will improve. In Zelda, you can collect items, fight enemies, solve puzzles, and more. Kusakari just takes one small element of Zelda and makes it into an entire game. Its a goofy idea that people will either love or be bored by.

I do find the game challenging, but challenging doesn’t always equal fun. For me, Legend of Kusakari is really boring. You just do the same thing every level. Sure the enemies do change some and the level layout changes, but the objective is always to cut grass as fast as you can. I do not like that you’re health is constantly falling too. I think avoiding the enemies is challenge enough! Kusakari may be a simple concept, but it can be pretty frustrating. The story mode is where most of this challenge is, but there’s another mode called Endless mode too! I think the endless mode is more boring than story mode though. The level layout for endless never changes nor do the enemies. The object of Endless is to cut as much grass as you can and get on the game’s online leaderboard. Legend of Kusakari is not the worst game I’ve played, but its not among the best either.

There are some elements of this game that are good, like the graphics! Kusakari is definitely not the worst game I’ve played. I hope to have a review early next week that’ll cover the game’s story, graphics, sound, and yes, give you my final thoughts on the gameplay.

If you are interested in the Legend of Kusakari, the game is now available on the 3DS eshop.

Have you played this game yet? What do you think of it?


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