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There’s Gum On Your Shoe: A Look At Detective Gallo For Nintendo Switch

Thursday. 12:46 pm. I knock on Detective Gallo’s door. I’m in a hurry. I hear a voice say “Come in already.” I quickly enter his office and close the door. ” Who are you?” a voice says. I turn around and see the detective. “I…I…” I’m not sure what to say. He stares at me hard and then pulls out his gun. ” Who. Are. You? ” he says again. “I’m a reviewer! I have a preview of your game.” Gallo stares at me again. ” How did you get my game early?” I search for the words quickly. ” MixedBag Games gave me a copy!” Detective Gallo considers that and then says, ” Ok. I believe you.” He comes over to me, points his gun at my chest and says, ” Now spill.” With that, I tell him what I think of Detective Gallo for Nintendo Switch.


Detective Gallo is an Adventure game set against a noir background with lots of humor. This game never takes itself seriously. Gallo is the perfect main character for the game. No, I’m not just saying that because you have a gun to my chest…

I love, especially, the game’s graphics. Detective Gallo looks like a really well done cartoon. It even has good voice acting!

Of course, cartoon graphics and voice acting are nothing without interesting gameplay. As I said, Gallo is an adventure game and that means point and click fun. The puzzles are very inventive. Still if you don’t like this sort of game, stay away. Gallo doesn’t reinvent the wheel. There are lot of puzzles and not many hints. It is a good game though. Really. Could you put away that gun? Right…

Detective Gallo himself isn’t very smar…I mean he’s very smart. Right. You can always depend on Detective Gallo and his use of sarcasm. Well, its true!

Overall, I’m having a lot of fun with Detective Gallo so far. I’m enjoying the story, graphics, and gameplay. I should have a review of it early next week.

The game is out now though, if you want to buy it. You totally should.

Is that enough? Can I go now?

“Thats enough.” Gallo says.

I start to back toward the door.

“Don’t come back until you have a full review.”

“I won’t! ”

“Say goodbye to Thorn.”

Gallo takes out his cactus Thorn. I say goodbye, I turn around, open the door, and flee into the night…



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