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The DioField Chronicle Demo First Impressions

A demo for The DioField Chronicle will be released tomorrow, August 10th. Thanks to the magic of the Japanese Switch eshop, I was able to download the demo early. Here are my first impressions of it!


The DioField Chronicle is a strategy rpg where, much like Final Fantasy Tactics or Triangle Strategy, you join an army thats fighting a war against another nation. However, the battle system in The DioField Chronicle is very different from the aforementioned strategy games.

In the DioField Chronicle, you move a line to the enemy and confirm thats where you want the character to go. You can even order all of your army at once to attack an enemy too. When they reach the target, they will auto-attack the enemy. However, you can pull up a menu to choose a special attack, an item, or a big attack such as a summon. There is no grid. The field is wide open and your characters can go right to the enemy! After using a special attack, it does take a moment to recharge. This battle system is so different from what we’re use to seeing in Square Enix games but its pretty good so far.

We’ve fought a couple of battles and its very easy. We are playing the game on casual mode, its likely the game will still get harder. It looks like there will be a lot of strategy to found in DioField. One of the most recent battles had us capturing bases along with defeating enemies. Battles are not the only part of DioField though.


The DioField Chronicle also has an out of battle mode much like Fire Emblem Three Houses. You wander around a base where you can talk to allies, take on quests, and buy stuff at the shop. Its really neat. That said, the game doesn’t have as good graphics as Triangle Strategy or Fire Emblem.

The graphics in DioField Chronicle are not great in the demo. The cutscenes look okay and so does the walking around at the base. The battles look the best; the summon we’ve seen is very impressive. Overall though, the game does look like a last generation game and hopefully the graphics will be better in the full release. It is DioField Chronicle’s gameplay that impresses the most so far.

If you like strategy rpgs, then you’ll want to check out The DioField Chronicle demo. It will be available in the North American eshop tomorrow, August 10th. It is currently available in the Japanese eshop!


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